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I was looking for something else, entirely, and came across this post from my early days. For giggles I was listening to it in the background, and laughed so hard, I felt like it was worth a re-share for those of you who don’t have time to snoop through the archives. Maybe after I post this, I’ll remember what it was I was looking for. In the meantime, enjoy. 😉 LOL.

And, yes, I am having a ‘senior’ moment. They seem to come more often these days, but I really don’t remember.


For the older folks, here’s a little ditty, I think you’ll appreciate. For the younger group … here’s what you’ve got to look forward to. I laughed my rear end off (I wish) when I watched this. I hope it will put a smile on your face too!

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Weekly Photo Challenge . Cover Art

The covers for these book are actually comprised of several photographs,  some have been turned into bitmaps, then combined to create an original cover designs, as is true for all three of my Brides books. The cover for Book 1 . Sarah and Yvonne replicates a mural described within the story. Sarah is a very talented artist, and this particular mural plays a definite role in the story, thus is used as a prop to support the interior text. There are widgets in the side margin of my blog page utilizing the covers for my first two books, showing the front cover of their designs for anyone interested in viewing them. Or if you want to check out my Amazon listing, just click the cover(s) to check out my page on that site. Click away PLEASE. Bk1.cvr The cover for Book 2. Sharon & Carmine, incorporates an actual map of central Virginia, with the estates marking their locations (on the rear cover) showing the relationships between the various settings within the book itself. A picture is worth 1000 words, and personally, I think a book should work in unison, inside and out, to tell the whole story. Bk_2 Finally, the cover shown, here, announcing Book 3 . Topeka, utilizes ‘The Big House’ , also shown on the covers of the preceding books in the series. The color of the spine on each book varies, creating a rainbow effect, adding a touch of color to your book collection as a whole. While this book is not available quite yet, I will make an announcement when it becomes available.

The Cover for Book 3 of my Brides Trilogy. This book is still in the works, but the 1st printing of Books 1 & 2 are available on Amazon right now.

The Cover for Book 3 of my Brides Trilogy. This book is still in the works, but the 1st printing of Books 1 & 2 are available on Amazon right now.

To summarize: Brides is an ongoing love story of a close knit family living in Covesville, Virginia. The Homestead, the Sanderson family’s heirloom estate, founded in 1821, grew with the family’s changing needs over the passing years. The farm consisted of one hundred and twenty acres, kept in tact, and passed down through the generations ever since. In the beginning of the series, Rogers’ parents are the heads of household. Book 1 of the Brides saga technically begins in 1988 and ends in 1996. Book 2 picks up where Book 1 leaves off, and Book 3 obviously follows Book 2, beginning in 2007 and ending in 2010. The peopling varies, but remains consistent throughout the trilogy. The series is designed so that each book stands alone, but all three books  work together in a lineal fashion to create the ‘big’ picture. Book 3 is still in ‘tweak stage’, so has not yet been made available for sale yet.  Honestly, I need to go back and tweak books 1 & 2, but am trying to advertize them as I go in the hopes that one day an actual ‘big’ publisher will be swept away by my storyline (every budding author’s dream come true), and polish the content, then promote the story for the best seller I deem it to be. I am a one man show, and my punctuation sucks, I admit.  However, I do have faith in this story, even if I do spend the majority of my time chasing commas. Ugggh! I’ve left this series open for satellite books, which will branch out with the family tree, leaving more of a spatial time line to work with. No matter, there are plenty of characters worthy of stories of their own within the pages of these first three books. We’ll see how the story finally ends when the story finally does end, which won’t be for awhile, hopefully.