Angry Orples?

Whoa! Let me insert this little clip to appease Olivia and Oscar,  this blog is named in honor of the Orples, after all. They heard I’ve started blogging again and were devastated that I didn’t invite them to come along for my last two adventures (at Swannanoah). So to make them happy, let me reintroduce these unusual little creatures to those of you who don’t remember, or have not yet met, these little orange-people. They do love to explore when we go on our little field trips. Oscar and Olivia have found a tree to play on, or is that in?  Whichever; when you’re the size of an orange, you can fit in all kinds of places, including underground. Feel free to browse through some of their other photos, if you like these. If you look in the margin, there is a category, Orples in Photos.  There are also links to Amazon’s site in case you’re curious as to ‘How Orples Came To Be‘.

Orples on Stump 10.26.14

I think maybe while they’re in a good mood, I should tell them they have competition with my new ‘Bride’s Trilogy’.  Actually, to date, only two out of three books are available for sale to the public. Everything available to date in listed in my margin, for anyone who is interested. Just click on the appropriate Icon to go to that book on Amazon’s site. I’m still tweaking, ‘Brides. Book 3. Topeka, so it is unavailable for the time being. I’m also trying to get my e-books formatted correctly, which I’m doing myself using Kindle’s resources. One day I’ll end up blogging on that topic/adventure/nightmare?—perhaps a little of all three when you don’t know what you’re doing? Maybe I should ask Olivia how to do it. She seems to know it all, at times. Although, I suspect she may be a little huffy when she meets Roger and the gang from the Bride’s series.  Olivia likes being in the spotlight, with Oscar, and maybe Jack, and she might share the spotlight with Mrs. Mouse, but I doubt Olivia would have much patience with some of the character’s in Brides, since they sometimes use wordy durds, unbecoming to an orple’s demeanor.  You’d really have to read the books to know what I’m talking about.

Swannanoah. A Peek Inside. View 2. Going Up?

Yesterday, Sunday, October 26, 2014, I finally went to Swananoah for the first time in 25 years. I grew up about 8 miles from the mountaintop palace, as the crow flies, and never knew it was there until I was a grown woman with children of my own. As explained in my last blog post,Swananoah is the sister mansion to the Maymont mansion in Richmond,Va.


 You are gazing at opportunity knocking on the door. As renovations take place, there will come a day when the ‘guts’ of these walls will be covered again, leaving one to wonder what’s behind the plaster. Look while you can.  The newel, railings, and banisters are all metal, probably iron, although, honestly, I am not sure. Given the amount of marble throughout this breathtaking structure, that metal might be bronze. I’d tell you if I knew for sure.  I really enjoyed the rustic appeal of this wondrous old palace and am thrilled that someone intends to restore it. If ever it becomes a Bed and Breakfast, or a Hotel, as is rumored, I hope to spend at least one night there, on top of Afton mountain overlooking the Shenandoah Valley.

With all of the stair photos I took yesterday, I’m wishing I’d visited Swannanoah before they had the ‘stair’ challenge in 2012. I posted two entries, at least, in that challenge. Check ‘um out: Stair one, stair two, if you have the time, and inclination, to browse further.

Swannanoah: A peek inside . View 1. looking down

Standing at the top, look down, there are so many amazing things to see.

Standing at the top, look down, there are so many amazing things to see.

Preview Post Some staircases are so cool, especially when they just keep on going, from one floor, to the next, up or down. Add light to the sheer coolness of the stairs themselves and you get a double dose of delight, teasing the mind and the eye.  I went to Swannanoah today.  They will be open one more weekend this fall, then they will open their doors again in the spring of the year. If you’ve checked out any of my Maymont Posts, you will see that the Dooley’s, the owners of this palace, also owned Maymont in Richmond, Virginia.  Unlike Swannanoah, which fell into the hands of siblings, Maymont was donated to the City of Richmond, and as a result has been maintained, both through city funds and generous private donations. Everybody loves Maymont. Swannonoah, the Dooly’s summer home is currently privately owned and is under renovation. and is opened to tours periodically, for the time being. It is rumored that the owners are hoping to turn the palace into a Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, or similar. The palace is supposed to be haunted and they do some spooky stuff on top of Afton Mountain at certain times of the year. Wikipedia has an article on the Estate, and there are articles if I’ve tickled your curiosity, here. I took some cool photos today, and will share more of them here and there. Right now, I’m going to bed. Besides, I think when you post ‘um one at a time, each photo basks in its own glory a wee bit more. For now, please enjoy this capture in the afternoon sun.