Handmade Love

Last year, my nephew and his longtime girlfriend went to Hawaii for vacation. While they were there, they decided to get married and just call their vacation, their honeymoon. As a result, no one knew they were getting married, including themselves. Thus, I don’t feel so bad in being almost a year late in presenting the, still, newlyweds with the gift I made to celebrate their love for each other.

Close up in the pattern used to create the overall effect of this afghan.

Close up in the pattern used to create the overall effect of this afghan.

Now that I’ve designed and knitted this throw, I don’t want to give it up. But I will anyway—I keep picturing Whoopie Goldberg in her role in the movie ‘Ghost’ when Elma May (was that her name?) had to give that million dollar check to the Nuns—you had to see the clip to understand. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen ‘Ghost’, you should. It is a wonderful movie, but another subject, so back on topic— this afghan (after I tell you about last year).

Last year I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which really threw a monkey wrench into my life, in general. Talk about a set back and a wake up call, in one compact package, and again, another subject, but one with a point, at this point, and that point being— the chemo drugs they used to fight my cancer with did a number on my nervous system. For a long time, my hands were so numb I couldn’t turn the key to let myself into my house. Ditto for driving my car.  Knitting and Crocheting turned out to be the answer to that problem where my hands were concerned.  I can happily announce that my hands are working, again — almost normally. I wish I could say the same for my feet and ankles. Swimming last summer helped the old circulation quite a bit, but here in Virginia, this time a year, the swimming pools are closed. Well, except for at the YMCA, but now I’m too broke to buy membership there. Oh, how I  wish I still had Magi, and that we were both still young enough to hit the trails like we did in the old days. AH, my type of exercise. This time of year, I long for those days.

Stretched out to show the whole design

Stretched out to show the whole design

Boy, did I get side tracked … back to this afghan. I’m thinking now that I’ve poured over 85 hours into knitting this masterpiece, and I love the design myself, I’ll write down the instructions to make a pattern to sell on Etsy so that others might make their own. I might need to refer back, and repeat this afghan since I really do like the colors and feel of the yarns; Lions Brand…Homespun (made right here in the USA).

8 responses to “Handmade Love

  1. Sorry to hear of all that has happened. My wife had breast cancer and surgeries, so I can empathize with your experiences.
    Congrats on coming this far so successfully and I know you wll continue to heal in wonderful new ways.
    Take Care,

    P.S. Welcome back to blogging.


    • Thank you, Jay. It’s good to be back. I hope your wife is overcoming her cancer. I will keep her in my prayer.

      I am now Cancer free, thanks to the wonderful staff at VCU in Richmond. You’d be hard pressed to find a better staff, or more caring doctors and nurses than I was blessed to have had when I was so sick.


  2. Lovely afghan Great job. I hope you are feeling good now. My mom had neuropathy after breast cancer. It’s rough to deal with in the aftermath. May you be blessed with good health from here on out.


    • Wow, I’m flattered that you think so, Ken. I feel like I dropped the ball on my friends, here on WordPress. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, then go into overload, and withdraw to revive. It’s good to be back, checking out other people’s worlds, and getting back into the swing of my own. Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back often. 🙂

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