Window Shopping With The Orples

You’d think I would have known better than allow the orples to come along to the river. Now, I can’t go anywhere without them wanting to tag along. It appears they had stowed away on my Staunton trip. Evidently, while I was peeping in store windows, the orples were too.  Olivia loves to read.  She’s found a storefront that has really captured her attention. Look at all the stuff there is to read in that window! This might take awhile!

“I love this little store, Oscar. I sure do wish it was opened, so we could go inside.”


27 responses to “Window Shopping With The Orples

    • Olivia gets hung up, when there is something to be read. She’s a bookworm. 😉 She might make it to the ‘ducky window’ at some point in time. LOL. 😉 Thanks for window shopping with us.


    • I can’t keep these little guys in one place anymore. They hung on their tree a wee bit too long. And now, the world is at their feet! Thanks for dropping by Judee. It is wonderful to see you. 🙂


  1. Good that the Orples like to read. Is one of the things they are reading telling them to “Question Reality”? They are real to all who follow them.



    • I am hoping that the orples will serve as a role model for children, as kids read about their adventures. Book 3, “The Orples Learn To Read”, is meant to encourage and emphasize the power of reading. Sometimes kids relate to characters in a book, instead of teachers they feel are trying to ‘push’ them. Time will tell if the Orples and I have succeeded at our goal, or not. In the meantime, we are glad you joined our little shopping trip, Francine. Maybe next time, we can go inside. 😉


    • I am thrilled the orples are making a splash with their audience. To be honest, I’ve written three books to date about the orples, so am trying to keep them in the picture here and there, in hopes that people will want to introduce them to their children. The orples are meant to encourage children in a number of ways. Self-sufficiency, and reading are but two of the topics I’ve touched on to date. I think keeping me ‘sane’ (believe it, or not) is a better description of the effect they have on me … they give me purpose, in their own way. Thank you for your visits. I hope you continue to enjoy the orples’ silly little adventures as they unfold. 🙂


    • Thank you Mumsy. Olivia is wise enough to know that reading is the key to knowledge. She is hoping that knowledge rubs off on the children that cross her path. She and Oscar send their love to you and Chancy. And of course, hugs are included. 😉


    • LOL, I suspect being ‘that’ round would have it’s drawbacks. But Olivia doesn’t let her shape stop her. She’s very industrious, imaginative, persistent, loyal, and smart, … all the things a good little orple should be. 🙂


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