Here’s some good news!

5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion
Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Tuesday 5 June 2012

“Will endless lawsuits from millions of seriously affected individuals will be the end of Monsanto?”

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I was thrilled when I read this article.  If enough people stand up to Monsanto, we might collectively be able to bring them down!  I hope the farmers get every dime they can from these monsters!


9 responses to “Here’s some good news!

  1. I have tweeted, face booked and intend to write a follow up article to one I wrote a long time ago, that my followers can also spread the word, I will attach the article to mine so all and sunder can read the good news… The public shut the tobacco voice down .. maybe they can do the same here…


    • I hope so. Monsanto is a threat to our entire Earth with their manipulations of bio-genetics and the poisons they spread across the land via their insecticides. Even the tobacco industry wasn’t that bad, since they only effected a portion of the population. Smoking is a choice, eating isn’t. Kudos to you for your efforts. I hope the farmers all win their law suits. They deserve compensation for the destruction Monsanto has opposed upon them. Maybe farmers worldwide will retaliate as well… and hopefully, win their lawsuits as well.


      • well I have just penned another scathing article attacking them from all sides, it is awaiting approval by the editors… should be interesting to see if they have the guts to approve it…


        • Nothing like freedom of speech, is there? I know a lot of my (more seething) comments get deleted. Certain keywords, such as treason, Bilderburg, terrorists, etc. seem to get red-flagged, it seems. And I’m sure Monsanto has infiltrated into the medias pockets, as they have the FDA and the EPA. Thank God for those few journalists that can’t be bought off.


          • I have just been notified that my article has been approved, now to do some work on it and try and get a first page position on Google search… could be interesting…


          • I have tried to pass on links before on the comments page .. it wont accept them.. but if you go to Street Articles and look at top authors… select Rob Ainslie and check the (should be top article on my list) click and it will open..


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