Sunday Photo Challenge . Door

Doors, doors, everywhere are doors … good thing they are not all the same old, same old … these may not be the snazziest of doors, but they do have a character of their own, so with that thought in mind … here are a few doors to add to Jake’s challenge for this week.Β  These doors are all in Staunton, Virginia. Please enjoy.

There appears to be a drop down when you enter through this door, or else it was cut short to fit the entry? I’m not sure which the case might be. Hmmm?

Two doors . different, but complimentary of each other.

I thought here, the stoop was more interesting than the door, but others might not share my opinion. Such is life.


20 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Door

  1. Doors? Hah? I’ve never really paid attention to regular doors i.e. doors that are not ornate or markedly different.

    Thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the blooms other than roses, Marcy.



  2. Aren’t doors interesting? They0re one of those things you don’t notice much, but when you start really looking, you find all kinds of variety.


  3. I think the first one is my favourite, It looks mysterious. If doors could talk I wonder what story this one would tell……


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