The Shenandoah Valley . Views from Afton Mountain

The Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia surround the valley below

Another view of the valley below.

Another beautiful view taken from the overlook on Interstate 64.

Mountains in the background of our lush spring foliage.

22 responses to “The Shenandoah Valley . Views from Afton Mountain

  1. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. Years ago we went hiking in the Shenandoah Valley on our way to Piney Grove, Va to visit friends. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place.



  2. Almost heaven – check!

    West Virginia – check!

    Blue Ridge Mountains – check!

    Shenandoah River – hah?

    Did John Denver imagine one running through the valley?

    Either way, nice blue tinted shots and another trip back to me childhood.



  3. orples: How do you call the little tree at the bottom-right of the photo? It smell pungent, acrid, vinegar-like. We call them vinegar trees, they grow fast into large trees, with good shade, but no fruits.


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