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The Photographic Journey of bulldog.

Please consider re blogging this post to make the world aware of an injustice to animals for having a horn…………..

An injustice taking place in Southern Africa at the moment, is the unprecedented slaughter of the Rhinoceros. Why, so that someone can say he has a rhino horn medicine that can cure him of his ailments.. The truth being that he may as well crush his own finger nails, as that is what the horn consists of..

These poor animals, killed, their horn removed and they left to waste where they were shot. A case has just been heard in the courts of so called justice, where the accused found guilty, he had to be guilty, his fine a mere R200 000 or $25 000, where the law allows for a R10 000 000 fine and 10 years in jail.

This is not a deterrent to the poachers, they are…

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    • I hope others will circle back on your post, and re-blog this as well. I agree with you, this needless poaching needs to stop. It breaks my heart to think of how cruel man is toward our fellow creatures.


  1. The responsibility lies with us – the end user. No demand from us, the consumer, no reason for supply from the killers AKA suppliers.

    Much as I prefer “natural” options for treatment or even prevention, I draw the line at any living being getting hurt.

    This is why I went off shark-fin soup after I learned the bloody truth. It is also why foie gras is not on my list of ‘Items I will try at least once’.

    Once again, thanks for pointing out a problem we can put an end to, Marcy.



  2. Thanks for sharing this post. The world does need to know that poaching is evil and that it has to stop. One day, a lot of these creatures will be gone because the world didn’t fought enough for them. Poachers should be penalized with the maximum fines and be jailed for a long time.


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