Sunday Photo Challenge . Work 2

Painting the Kitchen

Yesterday, my post on work was based on installing new windows in the main level of this same house. When I lived in Danville, I spent quite a bit of time and money renovating this old house. The house oozed with the charm of yesteryear. It was originally built in 1947. The existing wood floors were beautiful and the joists were laid diagonally, which is not a feature you often see in newer houses today. There was also a considerable amount of cross bracing throughout the house, which was a pain to deal with where plumbing was concerned, but it made for a structurally sound house. Structure always wins in my book. The Kitchen was originally off-white. Blah. I decided to dress it up a bit,adding a little color, to create a unique kitchen with a personality all its own.

I left the outside of the door white, although I did prime and repaint it, so the paint was fresh. Since this is early on in the project, I’d only primed the inside wood work at this point.

I was in the middle of priming the kitchen here. The old AC unit was still in the old window. The windows had not arrived for replacement at this point. This is the right rear view.

Here, I was moving along nicely, playing with the features in the wood work, and using my paint to add interest. I was winging it, so to speak and of course, hoping for the best. πŸ™‚ Of course Chicky Monster had to stop for lunch.Β  Supervising is hard work.

Here we are at that right rear view again, beginning to add red trim. I was trying to stretch my painter’s tape by reusing it until it was useless. I’m frugal. Note the use of old plans for drop cloths … after they were used here, they were recycled.Β  Waste not, want not.

Again, we have the right rear corner it view. It’s beginning to take on some personality now. Who wants the same old kitchen that everyone else has anyway?

Switching over to the left rear corner, you can see that I didn’t totally dismantle the kitchen to paint. Some stuff got shoved to the side and draped with plastic. After all, I still needed to eat while I worked. This project took me about 3 weeks to finish, since I was working some drafting jobs at the same time I was renovating the house.

Still looking at the left rear view, you can see the kitchen is now put back together for the time being. The light overhead messed this shot up a little.

Okay, now we’re back at the right rear corner. By now you can get a feel for the finished project. Note that the windows are opened, so the grills aren’t apparent.

Again, not the best photograph … sorry about that, but this shot gives a somewhat 3-D effect of the finished project. The pantry and backdoor are behind me of course, but I’m sure if you use your imagination you can visualize the final outcome.

Okay, now comes the day of reckoning … Good, bad, or indifferent, how do you like my updated kitchen?Β  If you don’t like it, please say so. You won’tΒ  hurt my feelings any.


35 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Work 2

    • Thank you for the kudos! I didn’t know red effect the appetite, so there is a little something ‘new’ as my lesson for the day. I think I chose red because it exudes warmth and coziness, at least in that shade. Or maybe, because the kitchen is the heart of the home, and hearts are red, after all. Who knows? I just liked red. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like it, too.


  1. >Structure always wins in my book.
    – I’m the same. Functionality, practicality and safety always run aesthetics out of my town. πŸ™‚

    >Waste not, want not.
    – Ah, a tune I sing hoarse.

    >The Kitchen was originally off-white. Blah. I decided to dress it up a bit,adding a little color,
    – And look at that red pop!

    >Who wants the same old kitchen that everyone else has anyway?
    – This is definitely no vanilla kitchen.

    But it ain’t the kitchen’s personality that’s doing the talking here. Nicely done, Marcy.



    • Hi Kate. Yeah, I do like colors, and lots of them! That old house had so much personality to begin with and it was so well built, I just couldn’t leave it drab. Thanks for dropping by. Here’s hoping this is the begins of a wonderful week for you and yours. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you. I’ve always loved colors, so I am not shy in using them. One of my kid’s friends once told me my house looked like a nursery school. LOL.

      The Kitchen above was a fun kitchen, even while I was painting it. The anticipation of how it was going to turn out gave me the incentive to keep plugging away into the wee hours of the morning. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by to check it out. πŸ™‚ Have a great week ahead! Marcy


    • LOL, the inside of the bowl made the water appear blue. That’s my old worthless ‘Chicky Monster’ cat. I wouldn’t ever feed him anything that would hurt him. Who’d supervise my work then?


  2. I loved too dear Marcy, you have a wonderful new designed kitchen. Just why don’t you paint your table and chairs too! or cover with a nice fabric in the harmony with the red colour… can be some patterns on the fabric flowers or square you know… Just an idea… Thank you have a nice new week with your new decoration. Love, nia


    • Good Morning Nia,

      I don’t have that house anymore. That was a renovation I was working on in 2007. But I took photos, and given the fact I worked on the project for 3 weeks, felt it would fit well into the theme of this week. I do like to harmonize fabrics with paint, though. And at one point down the road, I made cushions for those stools to go with the colors in the kitchen. The center Isle remained natural, though. Thank you for stopping by and checking out this project. Marcy


      • Sorry dear I almost missed this point. I did same with my kitchen in our old house and I spent time for its decoration and it was so beautiful and much more large than my new kitchen in here. We sold this old house and removed a new one… You can’t carry the kitchen. But you are luck have pictures… At that time why didn’t I think of this… You are welcome dear Marcy, I can imagine how beautiful with the cushions too… Thanks and Love, nia


    • Thank you, Rebekah. It seems most people are liking my color scheme. I thought maybe a few people would find it a bit bright and overwhelming. I am thrilled that you like it, too. Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping my this morning. πŸ™‚


    • That you Kelli. I thought this kitchen turned out with a personality of it’s own, which was what I was striving for. When I first started, I wasn’t sure what I was going to end up with. I made a lot of color decisions as I went along. But in the end, I think I achieved the ‘balance’ in colors that I was hoping for. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts.


    • Thank you, Madhu. I wasn’t sure when I first started if I might have been going a little overboard, or not. But I too, liked the finished results. Sometimes you just have to go for it! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Ann. This was a past project. I don’t own that house anymore. ;( . Oh well, it was a fun project though, even though I worked my butt off (I wish) to make it happen. πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking it out.


  3. Lovely result, and very cheerful. πŸ™‚ As we’re swapping pics, here’s the before and after pics of the kitchen in our present house. It is mostly all white and stainless steel, so you probably won’t approve. πŸ˜› Hubby put down the wood flooring shortly after these pics were taken, so it looks really good now. πŸ™‚

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    • Your comments were closed on your thread, so I’ll comment here. I liked your kitchen, but just because I’m me, those white cabinets would look like a pre-school play room when I was done, just because I love color. As it is, your kitchen looks very sophisticated, clean, and modern.

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  4. Came over from Sylvia’s out of interest. You said you were happy for all comments, so …

    I’ve got mixed views. It looks better than I expected, but I think maybe the window surrounds in red look too much? I agree the vanilla of the original colour on the cupboard doors looks bleugh so it leaves the remaining upper ones looking bleugh too πŸ˜€

    Did you mean to have a patchy effect on the doors, sort of stain and grain effect, or was that the first coat? Hard to tell from final pic.

    What’s the ceiling finish? Looks uneven. Was it textured or did it need some filling? And, um, looks as though the cutting in on that narrow cornice didn’t work out too well.

    I read you no longer have it, so my comments are irrelevant. I’d have ripped it all out anyway πŸ˜€


    • I wish I could have afforded to rip it all out. No, I did a primer coat on the entire shooting match, then applied at least two coats of paint over that, working back and forth. Color is tricky for sure. My final photos left a lot to be desired. No matter, I was comfortable there, and it really didn’t look bad when I was finished, finished. I had to go back and hit certain spots for touch up for a week or two after the fact. The ceiling was cracked, probably due to settling over the years, so I did a Spackle finish on it to try to hide the imperfections as much as possible. I have big ideas, and a shoestring budget, what can I say?

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views with me. Your comment is very much appreciated, as is your point of view.


      • Thanks for no getting huffy. People say they want honest views, but they don’t usually mean it.

        When I said rip out, I didn’t mean rip out and replace with new. I dislike fitted anything from an aesthetic/design point of view. I prefer freestanding furniture.

        Funnily, years ago, in a rented property we decided to add some colour, and went for a similar red. Made a total botch of it. Looked terrible. Never used red since. Used soft blues in last but one kitchen, but now go for white.

        Textured finishes are, well, yuk. Better off learning to plaster, as they still end up cracking anyway. Plus, they are a classic giveaway of a problem ceiling that someone has tried to cover up …

        Suppose I had better search on here for some current house piccies …

        Oh, and my kitchens (and my houses) are always totally unfinished until just before we sell and move out πŸ˜€

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        • I repainted this kitchen because I was bored, and the kitchen looked like a hospital. If I was serious about restoring this house to the max, I’d have probably used furring strips on the original ceiling and added a new layer of sheet rock below that, then I’d have crowned the shooting match. Of course, had I gone that route, I’d have had to pay a contractor since every thing I did do, I did alone, except the windows, which I paid to have installed. The windows were a matter of practicality, and pretty much paid for themselves after the first three winters.

          As far as your review, we’re cool. Most people think I’m a little eccentric when it comes to color schemes. They either love it, or they don’t. But everyone has their opinion—variety does make the world go round.

          Good luck in finding what you’re looking for. πŸ™‚ And again, thanks for dropping by.


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