Sunday Photo Challenge . Work

Installing New Windows

This was a little home improvement job I had going on, when I was in Danville.

This one includes a glimpse of ‘painting the kitchen’… an upcoming post for this weeks Sunday Challenge. The red trim is new, too.

A preview at what was going on outside.

A better view of the ‘before’ on that outside window.


Side view of the house outside. All of the first floor windows were replaced. The upper level windows (not shown) had already been replaced, and the basement was saved for later. Later never came (that I know of).


33 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Work

    • Somewhere I had photos of this house ‘before’ I began any renovations. Those photos were taken with a disposable camera, so I would have to hunt them down in the paper archives to post. I think these give the general idea, though.


    • Thank you, Gilly. I hope to do another post … painting the kitchen, which you get a glimpse of in my first photo here. I had begun that project when I had the windows put in.


    • These guys did a good job, when all was said and done. The windows sure did make a difference in the climate control of the house. You could feel the wind blow around the old drafty windows in the winter time.


  1. I like the look of your kitchen in the first shot. The simplicity reminds me of my childhood. I find the contemporary kitchens with chrome and steel and mahogany soulless.

    Oh, you poor modern kitchens, it’s not y’all. I’M the one without a soul. πŸ˜‰



    • I am going to post ‘painting the kitchen’ at some point this week. Just wait, Kate … you’ll see how drab went to colorful in a matter of 3 weeks or so. I painted the kitchen by myself, while I was still using it, and I primed everything first, so it was time consuming. That was quite the project. Obviously, I’d hired someone to install the windows. I had a lot going on at once for a while there, but that old house was worthy of renovation.


    • Hey Colline, this was a project from years ago. I did put a lot of work into that old house, updating wiring, plumbing, painting, replacing windows, and such. Later, I’m going to post photos of the painting the kitchen, which I did by myself … now that was work. The windows … not so much ‘for me’, since I paid someone to install those. Thanks for checking it out. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you. That was sort of two projects at once … “Painting the Kitchen”(a post to follow soon) and Installing the new windows. That was a busy year. Thanks for dropping by to check it out. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Ann. This house is history now. I renovated it about 5 years ago. There will be more to come this week on some of the ‘work’ projects involved in its restoration. πŸ™‚


    • So true, but those old houses have a certain charm about them. So in the end, it is worth it as long as there is no structural damage to deal with prior to beginning renovation.


    • I did do quite a bit to this old house. The house was so deserving of the work done, but despite my love for the house, it was simply in the wrong city for me to call home. I’d have loved to have brought that house back to Chester with me when I moved ‘home’ in 2010.


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