This is a heartbreaking reality that, we, the people of the world, could have an influence on simply by boycotting corporations that abuse their livestock. There is no reason to be inhumane to any animal, even if that animal is primarily raised for slaughter. I sometimes wonder who the animals really are.


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  1. >The Humane Society of the United States has released gruesome undercover footage
    – Can’t bring myself to read this, Marcy. Not only will I cry, but these thoughts will haunt me for the next few days. So I’m going to be the chicken I am when faced with things that upset me. Oh, an ostrich, too. What I can’t see, can’t hurt me, yes?

    By the way, I’m a hypocrite, too. I’m a meat eater; not a big one anymore, but still an avid one. Articles like these make me modify my eating and lifestyle habits* just a wee bit each time.

    *I have long since stopped thinking leather bags and shoes are ‘haute’. I still rock those items from my “vintage collection” though. Why waste, no?

    Good on you for spreading awareness, Marcy!


    P.S.: You and I KNOW that “manimals” (it’s how I pronounced the word when I was little) are, ahem, people, too. 🙂


    • I eat meat too, Kate. But eating meat and treating an animal, whether raised for slaughter or not, inhumane is criminal. With huge corporations like Tyson, the only thing that counts is profit. I would love to do to the abusive employees,for 1 week, what they do to the animals in their care. Maybe they would think twice about some of their inhumane practices then. I have cut down on meat consumption quite a bit since becoming aware of some of the horrible ways animals are treated, and I read the labels a lot more closely these days. I hope we all will in an effort to voice our disgust with some of these huge corporations. So sad. Just for the record, I cried when I watched this video, too. So,please, don’t feel lonely. It is truly heartbreaking.


  2. Awareness is a start, as I too don’t like to think about such awful things, but we do as we can, and every small chnage we make, every extra thought does make a difference, and it’s slow but better than not. Thank you for sharing & re-posting.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Ella. This particular subject needs to be brought to the forefront. People need to start boycotting companies that are not in harmony with Nature, the way I look at it. Making money is one thing, but animal abuse is quite another. Half of the scum that work in the animal handling facilities should either be locked up or shot, or perhaps treated in the same manner in which they treat the animals in their care.


  3. Makes me feel very bad that so many people are ignorant about the meat andfactory farming industry. I just say poor, poor animals, when you come to Heave I hope you get a nice Life!


    • I suspect death is a welcomed relief to these poor abused animals. Anyone capable of such cruelty should hold their heads in shame for the wicked things they do to the creatures. Actually, some people should just be shot for the evil things they do to others (animal or people).


  4. Thanks for bringing awareness to the issue. Tyson is one of the worst in the business and the only way to stop them – and their peers – is by boycotting their products. I am by no means against eating meat, but I totally agree, the animals should be raised and handle with respect as living beings.


    • No need for thanks, here. I am just trying to spread the message, in hopes that people will stop and think about what they are eating and the suffering that some poor animal went through prior to being slaughtered. That, in itself, is bad enough. The animals should at least have a decent life. So, so, sad. Thank you for dropping by and adding to the conversation. 🙂


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