This article is worthy of re-blog. I hope you will read it, and perhaps if enough people re-blog, this child might be found through joint effort, hopefully alive.

Barefoot Baroness

Speaking with a brother blogger it came to our notice that an entire, albeit sad demographic ,could be benefited by our blogs. Missing Children. Just think about how if I post,repost or “Reblog” the face and facts about a missing child and my brother blogger does the same (actually he started this) and you do the same, and then so and so does so on his/her blog etc etc…. Can you imagine?

Tonight how many babies and children are not asleep where they belong? How many faces of children did you see today that are strangers to you?  Is is possible? Could it be?

How would we even dream it possible without the facts and photos?

So here is my challenge today, this Sunday April 30th 2012. If you know God forbid, of a  missing child share with us. And if you don’t know one thank God and now help us spread the facts and shining…

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    • No doubt. If my child were missing, I would want every available person on the look out for him. I hope this child is alive and well, and living happily somewhere, even if it is an abduction. It is the best of a bad situation to me, and what I would want, were he my own child. Thank you for sharing this post to begin with. Here’s wishing ourselves success in finding this little boy by expanding the search. 🙂


    • Thanks Hook. Please join us with this ‘cyber Amber Alert’ by following the link to the Barefoot Contessa’s blog and re-blogging as well… Repetition by us all may have a positive result, if not, no harm done. 🙂


  1. When I was younger, I did not give abduction too much thought because … I don’t know. I wasn’t affected by it, perhaps?

    Today, I realise that abduction is like death in a way, but sadder. I’m cool with dying and death. I think abduction is worse because we are clueless about the abducted person’s physical and emotional state, and not knowing if they will ever get to see their loved ones again. That’s … that’s … awful, to put it very mildly.

    From Barefoot Baroness’ post:

    >Tonight how many babies and children are not asleep where they belong?
    – Hugs to all you, littles, out there. 😦



    • I pray this child is alive and loved where ever he is. I hope one day, he will be found and returned to his own family. It would be heartbreaking to think he got cheated out of life at his young age. I am sure there are some horrible possibilities as to what may have happened to this wee one, but I continue to hope for the best for him. 🙂


    • Indeed! I would love nothing more than to hear the announcement that this child was found alive due to people’s joint efforts in getting the word out.


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