Sunday Photo Challenge . Shelter

Jake has managed to come up with another fine challenge this week. And so, what can I do, but submit my idea of shelter?

A farm building used to shelter the hay until it is needed. Henry County, Virginia.

Here is a humble example of storage. I love these old buildings that have been around for years and are still providing shelter from the elements.


27 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Shelter

  1. Absolutely stunning shot hon! Great entry! 🙂
    Even hay must have shelter. You are so original! Awesome! 🙂
    *big hugs*


    • I don’t know why these old buildings attract me so. They remind me of an old grandfather, with the children gathered round, telling stories of the past.


      • Yes! I’m afraid I’m not really religious – more spiritual but old churches, mosques and temples really move me. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, the stories the walls themselves could tell!


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    • You’re not alone on that one Gerry. Even though the roof is sagging and a little paint might be in order, the stories that old building could tell are no doubt many. Virginia’s roadsides are full of old tobacco barns and sheds such as this. I’m glad you stopped by to check this one out. 🙂


    • Really? You must be a city girl. 🙂 These old buildings take me back to the wide opened spaces of my childhood days. Farm living is the life for me! 😉 If ever you are in Virginia, take a few back roads, there are old buildings everywhere begging for attention and recognition. 🙂 I’m glad you stopped by to check this old jewel out.


    • I don’t have a clue, but they come in two sizes small, which I could roll by myself, if I had to, and large. Even with two people the large round bales are a challenge to handle manually. When I had round bales delivered for my horses, I had the farmer unload them as close to the run-in as possible, then we used a tractor with forks to set them in place. One large round bale generally lasted two horses about three weeks. Of course the horses were also given grain and various treats on and off.


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