Weekly photo challenge. Sun 2

This is a photo I had to hunt down. Why is it you can never find what you want, when you want it? LOL. This is another oldie, but goodie…I hope you enjoy it.

Jacob (around 3 ?) playing with his toys, as the sun filtered through the blinds.


35 responses to “Weekly photo challenge. Sun 2

    • Thank you Ann, that painting was done by my Sister about 20 years ago. She is an animal and estate artist living in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. She does have some beautiful paintings to her credit. The one there is only a study before the final commission.


  1. Great photo! I couldn’t help wondering, though, what show that was on the tv – the boy on the screen looks familiar but I can’t place him. Jacob looks adorable!


    • I couldn’t begin to tell you what program was on. This shot was taken 7+ years ago. T.V. was only for background entertainment. Jacob liked to putter about with his toys, and occasionally something on T.V. would catch his eye. Thanks for your kudos on the photo and your visit. Jacob is still adorable, only in a bigger package these days. 🙂


    • Thank you Nia. You are such a sweetheart. Jacob is the blessing, as are his brothers. I am a lucky grandma, for sure! Thank you for stopping in and taking a peek. 🙂


    • Thank you Madhu. Yes, Caleb seems to be doing much better this week (thank you for your concern), although I think he got a little spoiled last week. I tended to hold him too much. Babies like their cuddling when they are sick. The child above is his big brother 7 years ago.


  2. Ha ha! I hear you, about hunting them down. Happens to me often … not to say ‘every week’.

    That’s a great shot of the sunlight falling in like that.. quite lovely!


    • Thank you, dear. That shot was plastered in my mind when I saw the topic of ‘sun’ posted as this weeks theme. I could see the picture in my mind, but finding it in my collection of photographs was quite another story. But as you can see, I did find it … finally. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and checking it out and of course for the kudos.


      • Quite often, that happens to me too … as soon as I read what the topic of the week is, a particular photo comes to mind. Often I find it later..


          • My oldest brother, may he RIP, was always waving his fist at the sky, damning Murphy for cursing him. Poor thing, when he died, some guy named Murphy had his obituary on the reverse side of my brother’s in the newspaper. We had to shake our heads and chuckle. My poor brother couldn’t even escape Murphy in death. You’d have had to have been there to really appreciate the irony of the situation. Bottom line…don’t feel lonely, dear. Murphy haunts us all.


          • LOL that was funny, though sad that he died. I had a cat named Murphy. A Sacred Birman… they are masked, and it looked like he had a big M on this forehead somehow.. 🙂

            I had a friend, a firefighter in Philly, named Murphy and he thought it was cool that I named the cat Murphy, even though it wasn’t related. Unfortuntaly and sadly, my friend, the firefighter, passed away just before Christmas. Way too early..


    • Thank you. I thought this was a cool photo when I had it developed (used real film on this one). Then I couldn’t remember where I filed it away. Obviously, I found it. Thanks for checking it out. 🙂


  3. Thank you Francine. Sometimes he drops his halo, I have to admit, but not often. Jacob is turning out to be a lovely young man. Thanks as always for dropping in to check me out. 🙂


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