Weekly Photo Challenge . Two Subjects (two)

Here we have Magi (okay, his ears) and his shadow on one of our many trails.


29 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Two Subjects (two)

    • I intentionally included Magi’s ears, and sometimes his head, in a shot now, and then, for that very reason. I’m glad you felt the effect. I knew one day our rides would be mere memories to look back on. If ever you get the chance, you should try to ride at least once. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to ride for so many years. Thanks for dropping by and checking me out, Natalie. It’s always a pleasure.


    • With weather like we had here today, I’d rather have had the horse. 🙂 I do miss my rides and those wonderful trails. I had lots of fun with shadows if you haven’t noticed already. Thanks for dropping by, Gerry. 🙂


    • Thanks Sonel, this was just a ‘fun’ shot. I didn’t really think it was too special, but it did fit the challenge and I doubt it will be duplicated, sooooo. Thank you for stopping by and hugs are sent back to you! 🙂


  1. horse back riding was one of my best experiences in my life; especially riding through the woods; sometimes deers didn’t realize, that a human being was coming, they only noticed the horse, no reason to escape, very funny to feel those companionship!


    • I was lucky enough to have a pony as a child and then, was able to carry my love for riding into my adult years. Although, I’ve never had a riding lesson in my life, experience taught me to stay on the horse, and several fine people I boarded with taught me a lot about horse care in general. It is expensive to own horses, which is why I no longer have Magi. I’m sure you’d have loved romping through the fields had you had the opportunity, Gilly. There is such a sense of freedom out there on the trails. 🙂 Thanks for your visit.


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