Sunday Photo Challenge . Blossoms

I have a couple of photos of blossoms, so in keeping up with Jake’s Sunday Photo Challenge, here are some of my examples.

Red Bud Bush

Queen Anne's Lace

Dutch Iris

Sorry the Dutch Iris is a bit blurry.Β  I’m obviously not a professional photographer.


33 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Blossoms

    • I know, me too, but then summer flowers will come and take their place. Even winter offers some color with flowers like pansies that peek up through the snow.


    • That is interesting Ann. These bushes grow to be about 20 ft tall when mature and are a haven for wildlife, especially birds. They get red berries on them later, toward fall time. The leaves carry a red tint, year round.


    • Thank you, Sonel. These are pretty common flowers around here, but you never know what other people may or maynot have seen, depending on where they live. I’m glad you enjoyed these shots. I’m also glad that you stopped by, as always. ;).


    • No, these are old photographs. I planted the iris at a house I used to live in. The others are roadside shots. Thanks for stopping by and checking them out! . πŸ™‚


    • Queen Anne’s lace is really a weed, I think. But it always reminded me of paper dolies, and it attracts butterflies and bumblebees, so it ain’t all bad. I like the flower, too. Thank you for checking it out. πŸ™‚


  1. I didn’t really want a blurry iris, but that’s what I got.:( On the upside, I also have some memory of that little iris. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for checking it out.


  2. Mama Mia! I’d totally go to wherever you took these even just for the sake of taking of pictures of blossoms such as these. You should look more and share more. Hehe.


    • Come see us in Virginia, Rommel. This is a beautiful State. These humble little blossoms don’t begin to express her beauty from the seaside to the mountains, and all that lies in between. We have something for everybody, here. In the meantime, I do appreciate your visit from cyberspace. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely week ahead!


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