More Orples

Well, I was rolling right along and my printer tray broke, so I had to get a new printer, which I’ve not managed to hook up yet. Thank God for grown children with patience.  My son will be by tomorrow to get me rolling again, I hope. In the meantime, after fixing my edited manuscript, redrawing, and setting the images as needed, and pasting the corrected manuscript in the drawings with a larger font,  I did manage to get five pages printed and scanned today, before my printer decided it was time to retire.  The rest of the day has been spent shopping and trying to make a wireless printer get along with my computer.   Something just isn’t right?  But, I have faith that my oldest child will save the day…tomorrow!  He’s my hero when it comes to computers.

The beginning of "The Orples Learn To Read" . Book 3 of the orples series.

For now, I will share one of the final pages printed on my old printer. This is page four (page 1 of the actual story) of “The Orples Learn To Read”.  Amazon will add a border on their end.  Enjoy! 🙂


18 responses to “More Orples

    • Thank you for thinking of me, Ann. I will get it posted ASAP. In the meantime, congrats on getting the award yourself. You do post some interesting and informative stuff! Also, thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  1. Oh, they are so gorgeous and what a great illustration you’ve created again hon! I so enjoy reading about them..just imagine what the kids feel like! What a great artist and writer you are! Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂


    • I am glad you like my little orples, Sonel. You flatter me so, and believe me, I appreciate the encouragement. I hope the kids are going to like these little fellows too. Thank you for stopping by to check them out! 🙂


  2. I know your books are gonna hit it big, just be patient. They are a fun read and so colorful. Such a treat! I love those leeetle orples. Sorry to hear of your printer spazzing out on you. Hopefully, your little man can get you back up and running quickly. Hope you have a lovely day and weekend, Marcy. *hug* 😉


    • Thanks Carol. I was on a roll yesterday, when my printer tray broke … bummer. Otherwise, I think I’d have accomplished my goal. The upside is that I am blogging this morning, waiting for my child to get here to get me fixed up. I hope you are right about my books becoming popular. Hopefully people will follow the links to Amazon, whether they buy or not. The more IP addresses that search it out, the higher the ranking in Amazon’s search engines. At this point, most people don’t even know ‘orples’ exist. ;)In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend yourself.


    • I hope so too. I really need to learn how to market my books, once I get this next one out … then I really wil have a series to offer. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement, Frizz. And thanks for stopping by, too.


    • Well after going out and buying another printer to replace the wi-fi only printer (that didn’t want to co-operate), I think I’m back in business. If my oldest can’t make it work, then what else can be done? He tried. Good for you in getting your problem fixed, solo. I did manage to get the ‘new’ new printer to work on my own. USB connections are amazing. I think before, I was too far away from my wi-fi source. Thanks for the kudos and for stopping by. It is a real ray of sunshine in my day! 🙂


    • Well after two tries, my second ‘new’ printer appears to work fine. But of course, my child called out of the blue and needed me to sit at his house overnight to watch his dogs and make sure nobody bothered their house (they have lots of expensive office equiptment). So I haven’t had a chance to pick back up where I left off. I was making
      such great progress, humming along, when my printer tray broke. Uggge, The killer there is that the rest of my old printer, and the scanner work fine. I hope your got your printer problem fixed by now. Thank you for the kudos on my new book. I hope to have the prototype back sometime next week (depending on when I get the pages printed and scanned for submittal). We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, thank you so much for the encouragement and for your visit.


      • Thank you! I DID get it to work…by doing NOTHING DIFFERENTLY! No joke, it just up and started working. I think I may be treating myself to a new printer very shortly 🙂
        Hope you have a wonderful weekend…and happy printing 🙂


        • Thank you, you too! Printers are wonderful when they work, and heartbreaking (not to mention frustrating) when they don’t. 😉 You have a great weekend yourself!


    • I think my old printer is about 6 years old. I hope I’ll love my new printer, although, I really hate having to be ‘forced’ to buy a printer (or anything else) due to ‘need’. Usually, I like to plan my expenditures to suit my budget. I’m glad you’re loving your new printer, though. It sounds as if your old printer was a good one, too.


    • I have a new printer now! Not a planned expense, but if I want to keep on keeping on, a necessary one. I do hope you are right about my books becoming a hit. Thank you so much for the kudos and for stopping by to take a look at my post! 😉


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