Averettes Horses

One thing Danville had to offer was Averette University, and they in turn, offered equestrian courses. In the spring time, Averette would bring 20 – 25 horses to the farm for two or three months to board them, so their own pastures could ‘rest’. These are but a few of their fine beasts.

A group of horses belonging to the students of Averette University, temporarily boarded at the farm.

That pesky tractor needs to go around us, can't it see we're trying to eat here?


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        • Sonel, you are too kind. I am a little behind in posting awards, commenting, and even posting my own posts, but I appreciate my new award and will get it up ASAP. I just got my edit back for book 3, so will continue to be behind it appears… for a bit longer! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for thinking of me.


          • You are very welcome sweetie as you do deserve all the awards you can get. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about hurrying..I know and understand. I have the same problem this side especially now with taking care of Simba more than usual and today was a bad day for both of us but we are fine now..:) Thanks for all your love and kindness sweetie. You are the best!
            *big hugs*


    • That farm consisted of over 600 acres. I think at least 150 ares was fenced pasture. The had several huge pastures, most of which were empty the majority of the time.


    • Thank you. I loved that farm. They owners kept it up beautifully. There were lots of open spaces (pastures and hay fields) and lots of trails to ride too.


    • This is the best time of the year to ride. No bugs…yet. I’ve been yearning to ride myself lately,but don’t have my horse anymore, so sadly, when I ride now, it is in my dreams. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very nice. The university I attended allowed equistrian team members to board their horses on school-owned farmland, as well. I was always a bit jealous that I couldn’t bring my cat!


    • This is a private farm which rented pastures to the school for 3 or 4 months in the spring, while their pastures rested a bit, were limed, reseeded,etc. Some of the horses belonged to the school, and some to the students themselves. Some of the students kept their horses on this particular farm throughout the school year because the trails
      were/are so awesome. They trailered their horses back and forth for their lessons, when required.


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