Monsanto office . shut down for a day . Hurray!

This is an important topic that we should all be made aware of .  Monsanto is a cancer in all of our societies.  They are just plain evil.  Please research them yourselves and you will see what I mean.   Posted below is the beginning of an article I just read and thought worthy of sharing, since Monsanto is a problem for us all, whether you are aware of it, or not.  Read on, please ….


While proposed government regulation, previous legal action, and the threat of agricultural collapse does not seem to affect Monsanto’s daily operations, it appears protesters can and do. Dozens of protesters disrupted Monsanto’s California office in Davis, an area close to Sacramento, through vocal activism and calls to shut down the biotech giant with deep known ties into the United States government. Braving the rain, the dozens of protesters — not thousands — were successful in shutting down the entire office for the day.

The response to the activism presented by the protesters highlights just how powerful of a voice even just a few individuals have. If even a small group of anti-Monsanto grassroots activists can pause the entire business operations of a Monsanto corporation hub for the day, imagine what thousands or millions of concerned citizens could do. Monsanto is afraid of public outrage, which is why they are continually trying to squash labeling initiatives that would visually demonstrate to consumers just how ubiquitous their genetically modified ingredients are throughout the food supply. Many consumers now know and understand the negative effects of Monsanto’s creations, and oftentimes are consuming them unknowingly thanks to a lack of proper labeling guidelines.

“We were successful today in shutting down Monsanto,” said Steve Payan, the event organizer.

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12 responses to “Monsanto office . shut down for a day . Hurray!

    • Geeze, Dolly,

      I don’t know what to say. Thank you! You know, it may be a while before this gets posted, but it is appreciated. I’m going to have to switch my blog background to hold these awards … I’m running out of room here. I feel so special. (angel smiling face here).
      Seriously, Thank you! Marcy


    • I couldn’t agree more. Awareness is the first step in achieving that goal. Monsanto poses a threat to the entire World, so they aren’t just America’s problem. If successful, they will ‘own’ the worlds food resources through their genetic engineering. This is one issue, we ALL need to address. Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment.


    • The sad part is that the FDA has been infiltrated by Monsanto employees. As a result, Monsanto is getting away with murder. I read an article yesterday, where they have children’s activities books listed on their website, teaching kids about the ‘wonders’ of bio-genetic engineering. They are trying to brainwash our children. Funny how Monsanto keeps getting sued for their ‘wonderful’ products and their sleazy tactics. People need to become aware of Monsanto’s attempt at monopolizing our food supply, for sure. Thankfully, there are a few Judges that know what is going on, and are not bought and paid for by the fine folks at Monsanto, who would poison the Earth for a dollar. Those few Judges are the only hope we have of keeping the (pick a word) from totally taking over the foods resources. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am so far behind right now, thus the delay in response.


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