Hope for America

If you want to see real hope for America, and maybe the World, here it is! I hope you guys will take a few minutes and listen.

Let Freedom Ring!

8 responses to “Hope for America

    • I just signed up to become a delegate for Ron Paul in my district. I am hoping he will gain enough votes to be on the ticket in November. If not, I’ll be writing his name in on the ballot. I can not in good conscience vote for anyone else on the Republican ticket, especially Romney and Gingrich, since both are long term members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It sounds good, but their goal is the NWO (New World Order). No Thank you. America is a Sovereign Nation and she needs to stay that way. 🙂


    • Thank you Vivian, and ditto to you. I am glad you like this clip.

      Getting into politics is a touchy subject, but Ron Paul needs to be heard, and the mainstream media does not give him nearly enough attention. Of course, with Dr. Paul at the helm, the establishment would be brought to its knees. Which is why I am trying my best to at least give the people the opportunity to hear him speak. Even if Dr. Paul doesn’t win the election, the message of Freedom is once again beginning to resonate across the land. He has also shone a light on the Federal Reserve, which needs to be exposed.

      Thank you too for the awards. I am so flattered. I have a couple I still need to post, but I am keeping track and will post them, probably at one time. At that time, I will give credit to all who have been so generous as to nominate me. Right now, I’m working on my next two books, so time is not on my side and I want to submit a decent “Thank you” post to everyone for their encouragement.


    • I only hope the American Citizens that can do something will listen to Dr. Paul. I think for the sake of the world, if we could put him in the White House, the wars that America is involved in with cease. The Media tries to make Ron Paul look weak on foreign policy, when in fact he is the only one that really understands why we are at war (or will admit to it anyway). Dr. Paul would bring our troops home, in addition to a slue of other issues that would help us return to our Sovereign roots. While I understand there are a lot of people in other Nations that can’t vote for Dr. Paul, at least you will know all of our leaders are not ‘evil’. I have lost respect for our Government in so many ways. I wouldn’t expect people that don’t live here to know how our rights are being whittled away. But I honestly think if America loses her Sovereignty, the whole world will suffer for it. This is an election year, so after November, the election will be over and our next President decided. I pray somehow, Ron Paul will win. Right now (according to mainstream media) he’s trailing. However, a lot of us (my self included) are becoming delegates to support him in the polls. Please say a prayer that the people here come to their senses. Thanks Ann, for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is appreciated. 🙂


    • If it weren’t for Ron Paul and a select few others, I’d have lost faith in our Political system. It is going down the tubes so fast. My heart breaks for future generations, if this one does not wake up PDQ. Even, then I wonder if the train can be turned around, away from the path of Socialism? I’ve signed up to be a delegate on behalf of Dr. Paul and am praying it will make a difference.


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