Sunday Photo Challenge . Design #3

This is a mechanical plan I’ve been working on with a local engineer. This job began last June and was put on hold for whatever reason. Now it appears to have come back to life, so I’ve been ‘tweaking notes’ tonight, and have once again run out of time. Since I have nothing else to share, I will share this. This is a typical mechanical plan for a commercial building. In this case, a daycare center to be built for a local church.

Mechanical plan for a daycare center.

This is an example of a client wanting to stray from color, using only black and white. This sheet will be embedded into a plan drawn by others, so I drew the engineers title block and saved it as a blank prior to doing this drawing. If the same engineer uses my services in the future, I will be one step ahead of the game. This is a classic example of a ‘spoon fed’ job. The client simply told me what he wanted and gave me the notes to go with his sketch. It was up to me to draw it to scale and make it an attractive addition to the rest of the plan set. That works for me.


12 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Design #3

  1. Hi Marcy,

    Although I haven’t been able to comment to my heart’s content this past week, I have been soaking in all your posts. Going to make up for it now. (Fasten your seatbelt!)

    When O+O go to the beach.

    >So they decided to spread a blanket and make a day of it.
    – Oscar and Olivia look so real doing that. Oh, they are real? *face palm* I always forget that. 😉

    About today’s post and this line from your earlier one:

    >This was a brochure I made up for one of my plan designs when I was focusing on my drafting business.
    – I don’t understand the technical aspects of this, but reading through all your comments, it’s clear that you love this part of your professional life. Like a couple of commenters, I, too, wish the housing market picks up so that you can get to do what you love.

    I’d also like to second Vivien Kirkfield (and her daughter)

    >I’m sorry the housing market has put a damper on your work…but, as my daughter always says, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the path for your creativity leads in a different direction now.
    – Well, I think you’re doing that already with The Orples (the books) and your blog!

    Which is why, for completely selfish reasons, I’m also going to second Jo Bryant’s

    >i hope you stick with the writing though as i think that is just too special for it to not shine in the world
    – Although I’m referring specifically to your blog. I enjoy your posts not only because I learn something very different almost every time you post, but because you are so passionate about the subject of each post.

    From Rocky’s story.

    >My neighbors are the ‘animal control’ type that would have her removed and probably killed because she is a ‘wild’ animal. Don’t tell her that though.
    – I’ll narrate a similar story. It happened two weeks ago.

    When getting some food out of the fridge, a piece of chicken fell off and rolled under the fridge. A friend of mine who was around, spotted it.

    Friend: Kate, there’s a piece of chicken that rolled under the fridge. Take it out or else it will stink, and you won’t know where the stench is coming from.

    Me: Oh, it won’t stink. Dora will get to it and have a little party.

    Friend; Who’s Dora?

    Me: A little blind mouse who comes in from side entrance.

    Friend: You just let it come in? Wait. It has a name?

    Me: Yeah. Dora’s my friend.

    Friend: Kate. EveryTHING is your friend.

    True dat. 🙂

    And I think, THAT is the real reason I enjoy your blog, Marcy. 🙂



    • Greetings Kate, I am so happy that you enjoy my blog. I enjoy your stopping by and your thoughtful comments. It seems you pick up on it all. Bless you for looking out after Dora. She’s a lucky little mouse, indeed, and obviously well fed, too. 🙂 I see, like me, you’re a sap for the critters. LOL.

      As far as the housing market goes, it went a few years back and probably will RIP for the next couple of years. Everywhere you look, there are empty homes that have been foreclosed on by the banks, so I think I’ll sink my efforts into my orples books. I’m hoping orples will become a household word, and thus the decline of the housing market will have been a blessing in disguise for me. If not, life goes on. Time will tell what the future holds for us all. On that note, I hope you have a great week, and as always, thanks for dropping in and checking me out. 🙂 It is always a pleasure to have you on board.


    • Thank you so much for your prayers. I sure can use them right now. This design is really nothing special. None of it is original, as it is based on information directly from the engineer. I merely drafted his calculations and notes based on the building design to be presented to the building inspector. It is an example though of what we draftspersons sometimes do. Thank you for the kudos. They mean so much. Thank you also for stopping by for a visit. 😉


    • Thank you Jake. This one is a ‘cheat’ post. I was working on it last night, and didn’t have time to work up a ‘real’ post. So I thought I’d share the day’s activity. Thanks for stopping by as always. 😉


    • Thank you. I am only a drafts-person and residential designer. I do have an associates degree in Architecture, but went straight from school into truss design after college. I designed trusses for 19 years, then began drawing plans. I try to look back on what I would have liked to have seen when I was doing plan take-offs. I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting. Hopefully, the housing market will revive in the near future. How is the market where you are?


    • Thank you Francine. I have a couple of awards that I still need to post and will probably try to take care of them all at once. I appreciate your thinking of me. I am flattered that you did. So, again, thank you! 🙂


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