Normally, I don’t reblog, but I thought this was so interesting, it was worth sharing. “The Urge To Wander” wrote the text and submitted it the original post, so she is the proper party to thank for the content.

The Urge To Wander

If you are under the impression, as I was, that Tutankhamen was the greatest pharaoh of ancient Egypt, you are very mistaken. The boy king ‘Tut’ barely lived long enough to leave his mark. The fanfare around the discovery of his tomb and all its treasures remains his sole claim to fame. Ramesses the Great - Abu Simbel, Egypt

The title of the ‘Greatest Pharaoh’ in the history of Egypt goes to his descendant Ramesses II.  Brave soldier & empire builder. Son of Seti I and playmate of Moses (also subsequent enemy) and father of nearly a hundred sons.

He is omnipresent in Southern Egypt. Some of the country’s most splendid surviving monuments were built during his 66 year reign (1279 – 1213 BC) mainly to pander to his enormous vanity.

His statues tower over entrances to temples – his own and those he usurped – and are carved into hillsides. And his cartouches (an oval shape enclosing his name in hieroglyphics)…

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