Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure #3

Jacob was really getting the hang of riding ‘all by himself’. A good horse is a terrific confidence booster for kids.

Magi and Jacob riding in the ring.

Magi was a little spoiled, if you look closely, you’ll see his ‘treats’ tied to the side of the bareback pads. He liked cherry tomatoes, broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit loops,apples, carrots, and whatever else was sitting around in the kitchen. Magi was a regular garbage disposal. I think his colorful diet is why, at almost 27 years old (now), he is still a healthy horse. In the photo above, he is about 22 years old, Jacob was 5.

10 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure #3

    • Magi turned out to be the perfect horse for kids in his older years. He was a rocket in his younger days. When I first got him, I had to use a martingale to keep his feet on the ground. But as the years went by and we bonded, he turned out to be the perfect gentleman. It’s amazing what a little TLC and patience can do when teaching critters. Magi was/is a wonderful horse. Thank you for visiting. 😉


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