Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure


Honestly, I don’t know if I got more pleasure out of watching Jayden loving life, or if he got more pleasure running in the park.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be so carefree and happy just because it is a beautiful day?

32 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure

    • Jayden is a little curly haired cutie. He’s 5 now, with a head full of floppy curls and a loving disposition to go with them. The child is going to grow up to be a heart breaker, I have no doubt. Thanks for the visit, Scott.


        • He is a sweetie, when he is a sweetie. But don’t let looks fool you, he has a ‘little monster’ side too. Jayden gets his share of time outs. 😉
          Thanks again for visiting, Scott.


      • >The child is going to grow up to be a heart breaker, I have no doubt.
        – Aww. One lucky girl will get at his heart one day, Marcy. And hers will be intact, too. Yaay!

        I know. I am a hopeless rainbows and unicorns woman.



        • Hello Kate,

          Yeah, the little diplomat already has my heart. I reprimanded him for something one day (I can’t even remember why), but his reaction was to throw himself into my arms and tell me he loved me “SO’ much. How do you deal with that? Makes it hard to be disciplinary, even if warranted. 🙂 He’s always putting me on, then taking me off, his ‘love list’. ;( Can’t win ‘um all, all of the time.


    • Last time we cut his hair, he rebelled. His words were “Don’t cut my hair, then nobody will like me”. He knows those curls are something else. 😉 But no worries, I still love him, haircut and all!


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  2. That’s true pleasure. And yes, it would be marvellous to be carefree … not a worry in the world, just for one day, again 🙂


  3. Love your “pleasure”, Marcy!
    I cheated and have a pic of my grandson and daughter (definitely two of my most treasured pleasures) eating ice-cream (my guilty pleasure)!
    Thank you for sharing this precious photo…love the curls…everyone in my family has them also. 🙂


    • You are more than welcome. This is an old photo. Jayden is 5 now (almost 6), but he still sports that curly head. Funny, but 2 of his brothers have straight hair, and my latest grandchild (1 yr old) has curls. ? Go figure? But we are all ice-cream fiends. Yum! Thank you for stopping by, Vivian. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.


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    • Sadly, the world seems to strip our innocence as we grow older. I think that’s why I am so drawn to small children and animals. Both are innocent and their love is real and unbiased. This particular photo has always been a favorite, just because (aside from the fact Jayden is so cute) that it exudes that feeling of ‘freedom’ that comes with innocence and an unworried mind. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉


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