Weekly Photo Challenge . Distorted

I got ready to doctor this photo with corel, but figured the tree was distorted in its own right. So I left it alone.


25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Distorted

  1. Oh, my goodness!! Wonder whatever happened to distort that poor tree in such a way. On the right side of the tree almost looks like a face with a large nose. Nice shot. Hugs


    • One of those shots taken while riding. Not a tree many people will ever see … until now. 🙂 I suspect age and weather took their tolls on distorting the tree. There was probably another trunk where the stump now sits. I though it was rather interesting so … click, click..;)


    • Thank you. Trees are the perfect subject matter for the theme of distorted … no two are ever alike. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!. 🙂


    • Thank you Judee. I have two other awards I need to circle back on. I am so flattered by all of my wonderful fellow bloggers. You guys are too kind. As soon as I get time, I intend to send out kudos and post my awards. In the meantime, don’t think it is not appreciated. That darned clock keeps outrunning me. 😦


  2. that is such a cool click. you can see where a former tree trunk provided nutrients for this tree, causing its roots to grow around it. that tree is long gone, and this tree is the beneficiary.
    i always find the wonders found in a natural world so amazing. thanks for sharing.


    • I’m honored that you are impressed, especially with some of the wonderful shots you post. Thank you for the kudos and thanks for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the photo. 😉


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