The Bill of Rights (Transcript)

We need to stand together and demand our Representatives up-hold their oaths of office. In the direction we are headed in, we may not have a chance to take action later. We have already lost a good amount of our 4th Amendment rights. We still have a chance to re-claim what is ours if we unite our efforts. If you are not sure what we stand to lose, please read on …..

The Bill of Rights (Transcript).

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10 responses to “The Bill of Rights (Transcript)

  1. Sadly Marcy, the Bill of Rights has become more of a Bill of rights if they government wants it that way today. . Not a good outlook I’m afraid…….


    • I live in Virginia, and I am so proud that we were the first to say “NO” to this blatant attack on our Constitution. The NDAA, Patriot Act, and the TSA, were what I was speaking of when, I’d mentioned our 4th Amendment was already be erased. I hesitated to bring my political views (and I do have some strong views) into my blog, but we are at a pivotal point in our Nation’s history. If we do not stand together now, and speak up, I really do fear for this Nation’s future. We owe it to our children to realize our rights, and then fight to maintain them. Nobody misses what they’ve lost, until it is gone.


      • Agreed 100%! We have to speak up, so many people have no idea what is going on. We have to protect the Constitution. We also owe it to everyone that has fought – and died – for this country.


    • I am. We’ve allowed corrupt leaders to take over. And if we don’t soon realize the damage they are doing, and the liberties they are taking in walking around/on our founding papers, one day those papers truly will be obsolete. We owe it to our children to protect our freedoms and to preserve our rights.


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