Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscape #3

I know, yesterday was Sunday, but I wanted to continue the theme, so here’s another landscape to add to the old portfolio of shots. Please enjoy.

Cabin on the hill . Henry County, Virginia

Below is the same cabin, but a different view

Cabin on the Hill . zoomed in view.

Obviously, I like that humble little cabin, and the colors surrounding it. There is something about the simplicity of the country that begs to be captured in film.


24 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscape #3

    • Hi Vina. This was a roadside shot. It was a beautiful day when I passed this cabin and decided to circle back. I got out of the car and took several pictures. The colors were so inviting and the contours of the earth along with the Cabin on the hill were irresistible. So there you have it. Thanks for stopping by to say “Hello”.


    • This little jewel captured my heart when I passed it on the roadside. I literally had to turn circle back and get out of my car. I was so intrigued with its quaint charm, that I took several photos (I hope to work them into an art project one day). Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    • Enjoying the view, with a cold beer and someone to share it with? 😉 and maybe some whippoorwills in the background for sound effect! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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