Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscapes

I had to share a few of my favorite farm shots from my days on the farm in Halifax county. Actually Magi lived on the farm and I lived in town. Neither of us could have found a better place to for him to live. The trails were spectacular. Any horseman’s dream come true.

lush cool colors . a delightful path

I always loved riding this path. As you left the field and entered the woods there was a creek bed on the right hand side. The path was narrow, but the ground well worn. It was a favorite cantor spot, although we enjoyed many slow walks as well, allowing us to take in the marvelous scenery.

Down by the pond

Sometimes, we would stop off at the pond, to wade, or grab a drink of water before heading home

Riding the fence line

Some days when I wasn’t quite ready to head home yet, I’d take an extra little spin around the fences just to add a little more time to my ride.

View of some of the pastures

Sitting on Magi in the ring, I couldn’t resist a shot of the pastures. This was horse heaven for a few lucky critters.

46 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscapes

    • Hi Cowboy, You’re quick! This was horse heaven. The farm I boarded on was 600 + acres and backed up to a couple more large farms with gentleman’s riding rights.
      You could ride for hours. You’d have loved it. I know I did. Thanks for stopping by!. 😉


    • Thank you Jake, not only for stopping by to say hello, but for putting forth this particular challenge. Landscapes are right up my alley! These pictures are the tip of the iceberg. But I need to save some for later!. 😉


    • Thank you. These are but a few of many wonder photos and wonderful memories that I have of this wonderful farm. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to board Magi there. I hope to share more as time goes on. Thanks for dropping in for a visit.


    • You are very welcome. Tranquility is a good word to use, referencing this farm. I spent many a peaceful moment taking in the beauty of the countryside. Thank you for visiting and for sharing this with others.


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    • Thank you. These are but a few of my favorites. I’d reworked this post to include 6 and thought I’d saved the changes, but when I posted it, the other two did not show up. ?? 😦 . They will come at another time. In the meantime, thanks for stopping in.


    • Thanks for dropping by Colline. I loved that farm, and yes the pond was wonderful. A lot of people would fish in it. The had a couple little canoes set off to the side too. The whole farm was phenomenal.


  2. These are lovely shots, Orples … the lush green in the first ones — I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to go horseback riding there…


    • That was one of my favorite paths to ride. It was about 1/4 of a mile long and came out into more fields on the other side of the woods. I would so love to go back and ride those paths again. Thanks for visiting this morning.


  3. What an absolutely gorgeous place. You have taken some terrific pictures of natures beauty. What a wonderful place to ride or just be there to enjoy. Hugs


    • Hello Mumsy. Yes, this farm was heaven on earth. I had the pleasure of riding those trails for 4 years, so I have lots of cool shots to share along the way. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Beautiful pictures. I have a partiality to paths in the woods, they make my imagination zoom. I haven’t done my Sunday Post yet – probably won’t get it done til Wednesday, but I can still comment. 🙂


    • Hello Judee, thanks for stopping by. This farm was full of fields, meadows, paths, streams, you name it! And where this farm ended, the next one began, so the trails were abundant. I wish I could be out there ride today. It is the perfect day for it.


  5. When I read Maggi and Farm in the same sentence I immediately thought of Bob Dylan’s song, Down on Maggie’s farm. 🙂
    Looks like a super place.


    • Oh, you mean Magi? Magi got his name in honor of the 3 wise-men that visited the Christ child upon his birth. He was a Christmas gift to me, from my sister in 1990. So I felt the name appropriate. That was a wonderful farm to board on … oodles of trails to ride. You can check out photos of Magi, if you like, in various posts (mostly under the category of ‘Days gone by’. And of course, as time goes on, there will be more to come. Thanks for stopping by and for the visit. I am a Bob Dylan fan myself. 😉


      • Lol! Yes ,of course Magi! What a nitwit.
        Sorry, I was listening to some Dylan earlier this evening. I shall squizz the pics.


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