Sand Sculpture

Along around 1998, a friend of mine went to the beach, and came home sporting some photographs of an incredible sand sculpture he’d seen while he was on vacation. I finally talked Roger out of one of his many pictures, and have had it framed ever since.

Horse in the sand.

I used to have people come into my office, asking me why I had a photo of a dead horse on the wall. Then, upon a closer look, they became aware of the awesome talent some artist had wasted using such a temporary media to work with. I also thought it was ashamed that this horse could not have been cast into something more permanent. Then again, I guess just laying around in the sun does get rather boring. It is a good thing Roger took these pictures so this horse could live on via the magic of photography.


47 responses to “Sand Sculpture

    • I had to beg to get it. Roger took a gazillion shots of this, and didn’t want to give me one little picture to hang up. But I was persistent!… Pays off sometimes. 😉


  1. Yeah … I can only agree with all of the above! Amazing …glad you got the photo!

    I’ve also thought, many times, about these artists who do ice sculptures, street art and all this … it would be interesting to actually ask one of them how they feel about the temporary part of the whole concept..


    • I suspect the artist that sculpted this horse had a creative moment, and just wanted to play in the sand. I’d be curious to see some of his/her other work. Whoever they were, they certainly were talented.


  2. It’s a great work of art Marcy. I have visited the sand sculpture contests in California for years and each year, it seems they become more elaborate……


    • Hello Cowboy, I’ve seen photographs by others of some intricate work. It is ashamed these sculptures can’t be preserved. If I’m not mistaken, this one was created in Coco Beach, Florida. Thanks for dropping in and checking it out.


  3. It’s pretty amazing what some people can do with sand . . . and ice, for that matter.

    Like you, I’m sure, I have seen many photographs of both sand and ice sculptures that have been truly incredible. I’ve received many such photos in my Inbox from friends who keep them going. If you haven’t, you can do a search on the Internet.


    • I too have see some pretty amazing photographs of some beautiful works of art. It seems such a waste of talent though, knowing that the creation will only be around for a short while… thus, the blessing of photography, I suppose.


  4. I have a lovely friend in the USA (who I have never met in person), and she is an equine photographer… she would just love this sculpture, so I am sending the link to your blog to her. I just know she will love your blog xxoo


    • I have thousands of photos saved over the years. I just wish I could find the ones I wanted when I want them. One ‘week’, I’m going to organize them all. Thanks for dropping in. I thought this one was a good save too. 😉


  5. >Then, upon a closer look, they became aware of the awesome talent some artist had wasted using such a temporary media to work with.
    – I’m sure the artist enjoyed him/herself creating this! And I’ve just had a fleeting flash of ‘Wow’! So not all is wasted, me thinks. 🙂

    It is one of the flattest sand sculpture I’ve seen and yet, that lack of (greater) dimension does not take away from the realness that is captured here.

    Thank you for yet another ‘Wow!’ moment, Marcy!



    • Thank you Kate, for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed this photo. I wish I could have scanned it in the frame it is in. The photo and the frame compliment each other nicely.


  6. Great picture, I checked it out in full size – amazing. I think part of the beauty is that it is made of sand and so won’t last, probably got washed away. Glad your friend got a photo of it.


    • I wish I could take credit for the work or even the photograph for that matter. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is always appreciated. 😉


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