Magi & Mister Ed

Okay folks sing along . . . “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless of course it’s a talking horse…”. Okay Magi couldn’t talk, but for those of you old enough to remember Mister Ed, that was not the case. Below is a photo of my guy, Magi. We spent 19 years together riding the trails and being buds. Now, sometimes to reclaim that feeling of closeness, I find myself watching old reruns of “Mister Ed”.

Magi in 2007, 23 years old +/-

Mister Ed was a palomino, whereas Magi is a Red Dunn, but still they resemble each other enough to remind me of one another. And so of course, Mister Ed also holds a place in my heart… a reminder of my early childhood days.

You can check out the program if you are unfamiliar with Mister Ed, or if you know exactly who he was, and would like to stroll down the road of nostalgia. The show ran from 1961 to 1966. It was typical of the comedies of the day, just a fun family show, everyone could watch together. Unlike today, we were not shielded from television due to explicit sex scenes,foul language, or violence. Mister Ed was typical of the comedies of the day. Very creative and entertaining, and now a classic. Mister Ed’s real name was Bamboo Harvester. He died in 1970 due to health complications. So sad. Of all of the original cast members, only Wilber (Alan Young) is still alive. He is now 92 years old.


38 responses to “Magi & Mister Ed

    • Do you remember Mister Ed? There is a link if you want to check him out. In the meantime, yes, I agree. Magi was gorgeous inside and out. He is a sweet horse. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What a beautiful animal. I understand how you feel.
    I couldn’t watch Mr. Ed on that link because I’m not in the US, but I know for sure we didn’t get that show in Sweden.

    You’re right about the TV-watching back then …so different.


    • Thank you. I’m sorry the link won’t open for you. I’d hoped everybody could check it out, which is why I posted it. Mister Ed was a classic. I’m surprised X-Finity won’t let you view our old shows across the pond. 😦 I was thinking it was a universal link. I tried to post an episode, and it wouldn’t let me, so evidently they have blocks on their service. Bummer.


    • Thank you Cowboy, for posting that link. Silly me, I don’t know why I didn’t think to look on YouTube myself. You’re a smart cookie! Maybe now those who never were blessed growing up watching Mister Ed can see why I posted this to begin with. One day soon, I’m going to post a before and after of Magi in hopes that people will see how a raggedy old rescue horse can be transformed into a beautiful friend with a little sprinkling of TLC. Thank for visiting.


  2. I have heard of Mr Ed, but grew up without him. As indicated on my awards page, my parents didn’t think TV was necessary, so we simply filled our spare time with other things. And I ended up growing up TV-illiterate πŸ˜€
    Through the wonders of the internet, I have been able to fill in some of those missing gaps to see what shows my peers grew up with. so i will look up your link when i have a chance.
    However this is about Magi – who is beautiful. thanks for sharing!


    • Cowboy was smart enough to post a YouTube link to share, which I’m repeating here to be sure you see it in the event you’d like to watch. These are 1/2 hour shows, but worth the time.

      I wish they had more shows like this today … just fun, well-thought out entertainment suitable for everyone. Enjoy.


    • I hope you will get the chance to watch at least one episode of Mister Ed somehow, then you will see why I made a big deal out of the show. I am so sorry the link I provided is not working for everyone. I thought X-finity was universal. Shows what I know… not much 😦 .


  3. Oh my, how beautiful your sweet Magi was. *hug* What a blessing to have had him in your life. I, too, remember Mister Ed. LOVED that show, and all of the shows they had on tv in those days. The good ole days. No such luck with shows today. Blegh!


    • I miss Magi so much, it is unbelievable. And now that spring is coming, it’s even worse. That is why I’m also bringing him into the picture (literally). I rode him last October and he looked wonderful, and still full of spunk despite his age. He has a really good home and for that, I’m grateful. It’s just hard to really love something and let it go, if you know what I mean. So, lately, I’ve been watching Mister Ed. and though it would make a fun post to share. Sadly for those folks that live outside of US borders, my efforts are in vain. 😦 . But you can share with Hallie if you two want a fun night of ‘clean’ entertainment. πŸ˜‰


    • Thank you. I hope you will get the chance to check out Mister Ed as well, then you’ll see why I listed the two horses in the same post. Both have a special place in my heart, although Magi will always be my 4th child. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation.


    • Magi is a red dunn, whereas Mr. Ed was a palomino, so they were not quite the same color, but they are so close in confirmation (and intelligence πŸ˜‰ ), that they remind me of each other. I’m glad you remember Mister Ed. He was not your average horse, talking or no. May he RIP. 😦 . Thanks for stopping in, Gilly, and sharing your thoughts.


  4. I didn’t realize that horses lived so long. What a wonderful and beautiful buddy.

    I remember watching Mr Ed with my family. We laughed and got silly. It is a great memory for me.


    • We had a horse that lived to be 36 years old. I think (if I’m not mistaken) Guinness Book of World Records has the oldest horse recorded at 44 years old. With vet care today and proper nutrition, horses can live to a ripe old age. I was disappointed my link for Mister Ed couldn’t be opened by all. It would have been a real treat to share will those that had never seen the show. Thanks for dropping by, Susan.


  5. I know how much you mss Magi, Marcy. But who knows what the future holds. Mister Ed, what a blast from the past. Be well Marcy and as always, God Bless.


  6. I adored Mr Ed! For some strange reason, something to do with his voice, he felt more like a proxy grand-pa figure to me. I don’t think I am getting him mixed up with Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction, another favourite show but you have started me on my way down memory lane now! Poor Wilbur, he could never get the better of Mr Ed.
    Magi has such a friendly air!


    • Mr. Ed was a favorite of mine too. I am introducing my grandchildren to some of the ‘classic’ though the magic of x-fineity. I enjoy going back to my childhood days and re-living some of the ‘re-run’ memories. I’m glad others remember him too. And you’re right about Magi. He is a sweet horse, and a dear friend. Thanks for stopping by Patti. It’s always a pleasure to see you online.


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