Sunday Photo Challenge. Color 2 . Fishy Business

This beautiful little fishy is my oldest grandson’s creation. He was about 7 years old when he drew/colored it. I love the way the colors pop out and the balance of the elements. Thus, I decided to show it off. One day I will have it framed and matted and return it to him as a gift. I may make some greeting cards with it in the meantime. At any rate, it is a favorite of mine, I felt worthy of sharing.

From the eye of a child.


42 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge. Color 2 . Fishy Business

  1. >I love the way the colors pop out
    – I’ll say! That’s the first thing that hit me even before I read anything. I don’t understand art, but that is a wonderful mix of colours.

    >and the balance of the elements.
    – Like I said, I don’t get this stuff.

    >Thus, I decided to show it off.
    – It most certainly is ‘show off’ worthy, Marcie!

    >One day I will have it framed and matted and return it to him as a gift
    – I’m willing to bet that when that happens, his face will light up as brilliantly as his art. Put me down for a million bucks on this one.



    • Hi Kate, you should see the real deal. That photo doesn’t begin to express the joyous colors, but it gives a good idea. I think you might win that million bucks. Thanks for stopping by to say ‘hello’.


    • Thank you, and I agree. I took one look and snagged this to copy and file before it got marred with scotch tape. I don’t know what it is that is so catchy, but sometimes even kids come up with some beautiful works of art. This photo doesn’t begin to pick up the colors. Thanks for dropping by.


    • Thank you, Ann. Jacob does do some interesting drawings, but this one took 1st prize in my eye. I love his use of color in this, which of course is why I posted it. Plus, of course, I am a proud grandma. πŸ™‚ Thank you for dropping by and leaving your sweet comment.


    • Thank you Judee. The kids are always busy with crayons, paper, scissors, and glue. Every once in a while they come up with something that really stands out … like this fish. Thank you for stopping by to visit.


    • It is crayons on construction paper … go figure. With the wonderful work you do, I’ll have to pass your bravos onto my grandson. I’m flattered you see what I see here.


  2. I LOVE children’s art. This is a wonderful drawing. It reminds me of The Rainbow Fish too.

    I also love your idea of matting/framing it and giving it back to him. Great idea to make it into cards. Whoever you give it to will enjoy it tremendously.


    • I am going to wait awhile to frame it. For now, I have it safely filed away. I think when Jacob gets it back, he’ll be surprised. He does not know I kept it. Every time I look at it, I’m amazed at the way he balanced his colors. Thank your for sharing your thoughts with me.


    • Thank you, Carol. Jacob is 10 now. That little number was crayon on construction paper. I think he should take classes and develop his talents. He obviously is showing signs of talent, which should be encouraged for sure. Thanks for stopping by today. πŸ™‚


    • I hope he will pursue his talents, Maggie. Art is good for the soul. I just hope I can keep Jacob and his ‘cut out crazy’ brothers supplied with supplies. LOL. They all love their paper, scissors, crayons, and glue. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thank you Caroline. It really brightens my day too. One day it will be framed and displayed. I want to put a little money into the right frame to really complement the drawing itself. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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