Weekly Photo Challenge . Down

This is a page from my book “How Orples Came To Be“. In this scene, Jack and Mr. Zimp have just discussed creating more orples with the intent of experimenting on them.

Taking the express route to the basement.

Mrs. Mouse is hurrying home, so she can eavesdrop on Jack and his Dad as they discuss their plans. The humans are using the stairs to go ‘down’ to the basement.

15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Down

    • I am rather proud of this book if I do say so myself. It is a fun book, but there are a lot of hidden messages between the lines. If you do read it, best bet for right now is to nab it from Amazon (best available price), please let me know how you like it. Most people that have read it to date have enjoyed the storyline. I hope once I get a series going, a big publisher will pick me up. Time will tell. 😉 Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


    • Thank you. It is different, I’ll say that. This book kinda happened over the years, but turned out rather well. Hopefully, my first book will be the foundation for a series of adventures to follow. Thanks for commenting.


    • Thank you. If you like the orples and want to see more, I have a category “orple overviews” which includes a little insight into my present and upcoming books. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up for them to really make sense. There are a couple of little specialty greetings there as well, that I doubt will find their way into my published books. Please feel free to browse if you wish. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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