Bird Watching. Listening?

This morning the birds were in full harmony welcoming this new day. In celebration of their song, I felt it only appropriate to share the joys of last summer. While looking for something else in the garage, I came across this little birdhouse and decided it was useless where it was. So I bought a bracket and put the little house up on a fence post just outside the porch window. It was a wise decision. My reward for my efforts was the pleasure of new neighbors. It was delightful, watching Mom and Dad take turns tending the nest.

Feeding the young just before they flew the coup.

They would fly back and forth with a watchful eye, exchanging places to tend their young. As the baby birds developed in the nest, sitting on the porch, I could hear them chirping away, singing their songs of life. The day I took this photo, was the day they finally took flight, leaving an empty nest and the sounds of silence. It was a rather sad farewell. I hope they will return this year to keep me company once again. If not, the birds are in abundance here, as was evident in their song this morning.


13 responses to “Bird Watching. Listening?

    • Well hello Cowboy, welcome. I doubt my little pals enjoyed their secure home any more than I enjoyed watching them come and go. They were such attentive little parents. I hope this year they will find their way back to me.


  1. Wonderful! It’s so rewarding, and such a joy to watch. We can naturally not have one here [in the apt. building], so now I watch an eagle cam in Iowa. Last year, I followed it every day …I saw the little eaglets hatch and eventually fledge! Right now they’re waiting for eggs.. It’s quite marvellous with all this online stuff really.


    • I would have loved to have seen the Eaglets. There were a nest of falcons in Richmond a few years back that were the talk of the town. By the way, did you see my post on “Aging Eagles”, if not, you may want to check it out. It is in the ‘un-categorized’ listing for now on my blog. It was a little something I transferred over from an e-mail I got a couple of months ago and found interesting enough to share. Evidently Eagles go through a re-birth at around 40 years of age.


    • We have oodles of birds of all kinds, but this little family was in the perfect place to observe as they brought little twigs as such to build their nest up with, prior to laying their eggs. It was a pure pleasure watching them. Yes, I was lucky to have a front row seat. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    • Yesterday morning, the birds were delightful, thus the inspiration for my post. I really do hope a new family will decide to take up housekeeping in that little birdhouse. It is in the perfect spot for observation. Thank you for stopping by. Please come again.


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