Weekly Photo Challenge . Regret #3

If I remember correctly, this was taken on Christmas Day 2003. No matter, the year, it’s the story that counts.

"Hi Ho Bucky"

I purchased my oldest grandson a spring horse for Christmas that year. For a while, I held on to it at my place so he’d have it to play on when visiting. Later, I decided he would get more use out of it if he had it at his house. My son dropped by to visit with his truck and since the bed was empty, I decided to send ‘Bucky’ home to live with my grandson. It was late, and I was tired, so I didn’t take the time to secure the horse to the truck. I figured it would slide around a little, but never did I dream that Bucky had a mind of his own and yearned to be free. He buckied his way right off the back of the truck. So alas, from my loss, I offer these words of advice. If you transport an assembled spring horse . . . TIE IT DOWN. With three more grandchildren following my first, Bucky would have provided years of joy for all, I’m sure. Last year, I scouted prices for a replacement and now they cost about $175.00. Ouch! I think though, I’ll end up literally paying for my mistake and replacing “Bucky”. This time I think I’ll hitch him down if I trailer him off after he’s been groomed. Ugggh! Live and learn. 🙂 😉 😉


18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Regret #3

    • I had to give up my real live horse of 19 years due to this economy. If there were a way, I’d have given my grand children their own pony. They did get to enjoy Magi when I had him. Check out my ‘expressions’ post and you will see what I mean. Giving up my horse was like giving up my 4th child for adoption.


      • OH, I’m so sorry. I ride but never owned. I miss spending time with my horses because they are too far away to visit often. If I owned a horse, I’d be sleeping in the barn with it.


        • You can check out some of the posts I’ve made about Magi under the “Day’s gone by category” in my right margin. Many of my upcoming posts will utilize our time together as subject matter. Magi was my soul mate. I gave him to a friend so he would continue to get the care he deserves, and while I know he is well loved, NOBODY will ever love that horse as much as I did. Thank you for the condolences. Believe me, I’ve cried my tears over having had to give him up.


  1. That’s awful; although, I’m surprised your son didn’t hear the horse make its gallant escape. Good luck finding a suitable replacement without costing a hoof and a main.

    Thanks for your visit.


  2. Oh Marcy, you had me giggling at “…never did I dream that Bucky had a mind of his own and yearned to be free. He buckied his way right off the back of the truck. …”
    Too funny, and, yes, sad/regretful. Poor Bucky, and poor grandbabies who will miss out on the fun springiness of him. I had a spring horse as a child and still remember riding that thing for hours. Well, maybe not hours, but ya know, in a child’s mind…
    I will have to read up on Magi – so sad. I understand.
    We had horses when I was younger and miss Oreo the most. I’d have a bad day, walk down to the pond, sit on the upside-down fishing boat and ole Oreo would walk on over, stretch his sweet neck down and lay his head on my shoulder. It’s like he could read my mind and I never had to say a word. He just knew what I needed. Miss him. 😥


    • I am glad you enjoyed this post, Carol. It was meant to be in humorous. What can you do but laugh at stupid little stuff like this that could have been so easily avoided with a little effort? Uggg!
      Thanks for the boo hoo’s over Magi. I miss riding so much, especially on days like today and I miss him especially. Like Oreo, Magi was a loving horse and a good friend. You’ll see lots of pictures of our times together as the days go by here in blog world.


  3. Oh that must have been so disappointing! 😦
    Maybe you could find a good used one on Craigslist that costs less than a new one. I really don’t know how it works but one of my nieces is a big Craigslist fan. You could try googling it.


    • As soon as I have a few extra bucks to spare, I hope to find a replacement. It kills me because that little horse only got ridden about 4 times by the one grandson. I just hope that it didn’t break when it hit the highway and that someone else (with small children) found it and got some use out of it. We back tracked the next day, but couldn’t see any signs of where it might have jumped ship. Maybe someone else will read this article and take my advice and tie theirs down. I should have done it myself. Hmmm. Such are the lesson of life. ;( . Thank you for your response and your suggestions.


  4. This reminds me of the “Bucky” that we found at a garage sale when our boys were little…something we almost regretted doing, as it became a loud and obnoxious item of contention as the boys quarrelled over it and roughly rode it around the house…sliding and romping across the wood floors. But…they had fun with it. And yes, it would have been a sad loss to have bought it for your grandchildren only to have it jump out of the truck and take off on its own. 😦


    • That wasn’t the post on regret I was talking about, but that was definitely a regret that has it’s own space in the old memory bank. I can’t believe I was so stupid as to not tie “Bucky” down. Thankfully, it didn’t hit anyone behind me, then I suspect I really would have regretted being so lazy. Thanks for checking it out anyway. 😉 Live and learn.
      The post on regret I was talking about was ‘Obama’ as president. What a disaster.


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