As I said, love being the double-edge sword that it is, this is also an appropriate theme for regret. My dear Stray might still be alive today, had I let him in the house the day he got hit by a car. I guess I will never know.


The sleeping child is my grandson, now 10 years old and going strong. The cat was my beloved stray. The cat is the subject of my first post on the subject of ‘Love’. You’d think I would start with my family, but this is the first photograph I came across and it said ‘pick me’, so I did. (LOL)

Stray showed up on my doorstep one day.  I fell in love at ‘meow’.

I’ve had a lot of cats in my lifetime, but this cat was like a soul mate.  He was such a true gentleman.  Stray definitely had a little piece of my heart, so I begin this week with honoring him.  Love, sometimes being a double-edged sword, turns to heartbreak as was the case the day my dear, sweet Stray died.  Our street was not particularly busy, and Stray usually stayed in our yard but I still worried…

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    • You are more than welcome. This post should have been categorized under ‘regret’ to begin with. The subject just had not come up when I posted it under love. Sometimes the two are interchangeable, as is the case here. I do miss this cat. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Aw, he’s so cute and looks totally soft and squishable. He looks a lot like my Tiger. I’m so sorry you lost him. But you’re right, you’ll never know. You can’t change fate and what’s meant to be will be, no matter what we do or don’t do. I’m happy y’all got to share some love and make some memories for a little while at least. 😉


    • Thank you Carol. I try to console myself, where Stray is concerned, though my youngest child’s words, that indeed, while we were together, he was very much loved. Stray was a stray and may have ended up starving or abused (although I can’t imagine who would have been able to abuse such a sweet animal). He was a blessing in my life.


    • On ‘your’ post in regards to ‘expression’? I left a reply to your reply, but had to leave it on an earlier reply since there was not a reply box on the reply you left. Say that 12 times fast. LOL. Toggle up, you’ll see I added my 2 cents. What kind of a woman would I be if I didn’t reply to a reply? LOL. 😉


    • I think it is the strays and the rescued animals that show the most affection. It is like they know they’ve been given a second chance at life. It would be hard to find a more loving cat than Stray was. We were both lucky for a brief while. Thank you for stopping by.


    • Thanks for dropping by Frizz. This was a re-post from last week, initially done under the heading of ‘love’, but equally suitable for ‘regret’, so I felt it was worth the double-take. Stray was certainly worth double recognition. May he RIP.


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