Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #3

Greetings new friends and fellow bloggers . . . Okay, so this isn’t really a photo. But it does suggest ‘ready’ . The orples (Olivia and Oscar) are READY TO BE DISCOVERED! This is page one  (unedited)  of my  next book “The Orples Make A Tree Home” where a new life begins for the orples.  In book 2 of my ‘orples series’, the orples (now having the traits of humans) require modified living arrangements to satisfy their new mobility.

Ready to begin a new life

I thought today, I would mix it up a bit and share my adventures creating adventures for kids in my upcoming books.  As time goes on, you are invited to travel along with me as these books unfold.  If you like my work and want to check out more, please feel free to preview pasts posts, mostly on the original book in this series “How Orples Came To Be” to date.   Just check out my “Orples Overview Category”. . . I recommend you start at the bottom of the posts and work your way up the list since they appear in the order I posted them. This past week, I’ve been editing this manuscript (now being professionally edited, in case I missed something) and tweaking the drawings.  In the plot above, ‘you’ needs to be ‘your’ in one instance and the page number needs to drop into the lower border.  Once I’ve written a manuscript, I go back and do preliminary layouts fitting the drawings and the text together so that the two go hand in hand in telling my stories.  It is easier for me to keep up if I print out a prototype as I go.  Sometimes I end up with several versions as I tweak my way to final publication. Back in the day, when I stocked the shelves with books for my own children, they tended to enjoy lots of pictures scattered among the pages.  So did I.  Sooooo ….. now, I try to include spot drawings, along with a few full page illustrations here and there among the words in my own books.   For those children too young to read to themselves, it helps them follow along.  Even as an older child, I liked having pictures to help me keep my place in my book should I be interrupted before finishing the story; I think that is why I work with prototypes now. Once my professional edit is returned, I am hoping to get this book on the market DIRECTLY through Amazon.com in soft cover and e-book.  If anyone has kids and you’re looking for a different book to share . . . hint, hint … here you go.  And of course, I’m trying to bring morality and manners back to an extent in my writings.  I shudder in horror sometimes at the books and toys that the children today find amusing.   What ever happened to ‘Tom and Jerry’, or the ‘Road Runner’ (which was considered violent in its day)?  Although, to be fair, I’ve also seen some lovely new books on the market that are sure to become classics.  Here’s hoping that will be the case with my upcoming series.  Please join me on my adventures periodically as I squeeze my latest achievements in among my other interests.


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #3

    • Actually, it is the orples beginning a new life. Prior to becoming orples, they were mere oranges (That is another story . . . “How Orples Came To Be” explains their miracle transformation). Of course, if the orples succeed, I guess I succeed too. Thank you for your wishes of luck and for dropping in. Here is to success in all of our lives!


  1. Oh I am excited for your book! I also have this innate passion for writing children stories (maybe because I am always surrounded by children at work), but I really do not know how to go about it. Anyway, I wish you all the best, and PLEASE keep me posted.

    More power!


    • Thank you SO MUCH for your enthusiasm. Right now (since book one is published), I’m finding marketing to be my biggest hurtle. But blogging and doing research has helped a lot. Life is a learning experience, so I’m rolling with the punches. I am hoping to share my ups and downs as time goes on, so if these books take off, my blogging pals can experience the thrills along the way. If you write a few stories you’d like to publish, you may want to check out ‘createspace.com’. I just stumbled across them in my blog searches. They are who I am working with now to publish my next two books through. I only wish I’d known about them when I published “How Orples Came To Be”. I may circle back and re-publish that book through this service to try to bring the price down to be more competitive. If there is any way I can help you get started (although, I’m a rooky myself) please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be happy to help you if I can.


    • Thank you Maggie. I’ve gotten some good reviews on this book. The first one “How Orples Came To Be” is more apt for age groups 8-80 because it deals with a lot of emotions most people have themselves dealt with and can identify with. Even though it is a silly story, there are a lot of emotional lessons tucked between the lines. I’m hoping this series will take off and ‘orples’ will be the next ‘spongebob’, only not so gross (LOL). I guess that makes me an optimist. 😉 Thank you for dropping by.


    • Thank You for stopping by! Hopefully ‘orple’ will become a household word. (LOL) In the meantime, I was checking out your blog and I loved the shots you took of the Eagles (so magnificent) and the ducks flying about. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fly?


  2. That is so cool that you have gone after your dreams. Looks like you grabbed on to that rainbow and are in for a wild ride. Congrats on your first book and for acquiring the role of published author. I hope all the books are a huge success. I believe in you. I’m glad you believe in yourself. I’m very interested in how everything turns out. I’m actually working on something myself, but have a little bit to go before I turn it in. I started out strong but I’m so talented as sabotaging my efforts. I go back to it and get excited all over again. Sometimes I think God is trying to tell me to get up off my backside, get my rear in gear and finish the dang thing! I want to believe in myself. It’s always been hard for me. I’m a work in progress. 😉 I have been laid off a year, so you’d think I would have finished the book by now. I started it in March. I’m close to being finished, but have a lot more editing to do and have to finish the ending first. I will be checking on you often. I’m happy to have made a new friend. 😉


    • Greetings Carol,
      Thanks for your input. It is greatly appreciated and congratulations on your upcoming book as well. You can never give up on yourself, lest you fade and die, or so I believe anyway. Life must have purpose and now that my own children are grown, I find my purpose in ‘orples’. 😉 Reaching for the stars, aren’t I?

      When you get to the point that you’re ready to publish, check http://createspace.com out first. I wished I’d known about them when I originally published my 1st book. They are a branch of Amazon.com. While my book is available on Amazon, I think eventually I’ll will have it re-published directly. For now, I am in the midst of getting the print copy of the “The Orples Make A Tree Home” published, first in hard copy, then in e-book format. Originally, I was going to do the e-book first. It shouldn’t really matter because I am hoping they will hit the market within a couple of weeks of each other. Right now, I am having my manuscript professionally edited in the event I missed something that needs addressing. I don’t want children reading a book with my name on it that is not punctuated correctly.

      I wrote “How Orples Came To Be” to find closure when my father died in 1986. At the time my own kids were small and I was working full time so my work got shelved for a few years. The book began as two characters talking to each other in an effort to find closure (imaginary friends?). From there, my first book sort of evolved, but if I do say so myself, turned out rather well. It’s been tweaked and prodded for 25 years, it should be a masterpiece. LOL.

      The sequels flowed once the first book was written. I am hoping after I get books 2 & 3 out there, I can begin the next book. I don’t want too much on the table at one time. I’ll lose my place.

      I am following your post now too, so as you progress, share. I’m sure we would all like to watch you bloom and share your experiences.

      Ditto on finding a new friend! I’m glad we ran across each other.


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