Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #2

Magi was ready for me, but I wasn’t ready for him. In the meantime, he decide to enjoy his treats.

Ready to tack up and go.

We were getting ready to ride those wonderful Halifax County trails.  Magi was always ready before me.


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #2

    • Thank you Maggie. You’ll see a lot of Magi and some of the trails we’ve enjoyed together as time goes on. Magi was a rescue horse many years ago and went on to become one of my best friends. His beauty was secondary to his sweet nature. I was very lucky.


  1. Lovely horse. My daughter is in love with horses. All she wants is a horse.

    Thank you for visiting The Domestic Fringe today. I appreciate your kind comments regarding my uncle and his battle with cancer. I’m so glad there’s always hope.


    • I can’t think of a better friend for a young lady than a horse. My horse (Magi, a Christmas gift to me in 1990) was a rescue horse. After 19 years together, I was forced to give him to a good home due to the economy. It broke my heart to do it, but he is still very much loved by his new owners and deservedly so. You might get lucky and find someone who needs to find a home for their own horse for your daughter. However, I warn you, horses are expensive to maintain. On the upside, they are still cheaper than a psychiatrist and just as therapeutic. Again, I wish your Uncle the best under his circumstances. Maybe one day, they will find a cure for cancer. I’ve heard that your body’s PH balance has an effect on Cancer cells . . . something you might want to look into.


    • Actually, I’ve never hesitated to ride, I just didn’t have my poop in a pile yet. Magi was brushed and ready, but I still had to gather the bareback pads and fasten the gate, etc. As far as Magi was concerned, I could have just jumped on and he would have been ready to roll. However, if you’ve even ridden for hours with nothing between you and the horse, you’ll understand why I needed those bareback pads. Thanks for dropping in.


    • Thank you for visiting. I find that same problem when I visit other peoples blogs. Sometimes, I’ll be going through liking everything I see. There is a lot of great stuff out there for sure. Stop back by anytime, please.


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