Weekly Photo Challenge. Waiting ?

Yesterday’s post was on the theme of “Love”. For some reason I mistakenly thought that was the theme of the week.  Oh well, ‘waiting’ works too.

Magi, waiting to hit the trails

I always preferred bareback riding to using a saddle.  Magi and I had our little routine.  I’d gear him up to go, then tie him up to answer mother nature’s call before leaving the barn.  Once mounted, I tended to stay mounted for hours.  The downside to riding bareback is that I couldn’t get back on once I got off without something to stand on.   It’s sad when you can’t get on your own horse without help . . . the price of getting older, I guess.   Magi and I spent many a happy hour riding the trails and enjoying the beauty of Nature together.


16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge. Waiting ?

  1. Oh, goodness. This makes me sad, too. So many years I communed with nature on the back of my half morgan half percheron (we called her a morcheron :-). We had her from 1975 until 1997, she was 13 when we go her. I miss her so much . . . .


    • I know what you mean. Magi was my trail buddy and companion for 19 years. I had to give him to a friend about 1 1/2 years ago due to this economy. He has a wonderful home now, but I felt like I betrayed my child when I let him go. I often ride in my dreams these days. I’m just glad I took tons of photos to remember our days together. Magi will always own a piece of my heart and soul.


    • I have you to thank for the suggested theme. Please, give yourself a pat on the back for me. I see word press posted a theme themselves today . . . ready . . ., hmmm, they must have taken your hint. LOL.


    • I cried for 3 weeks straight. I’ve never loved an animal like I did my faithful steed. But, now at 26/27 ? years old, Magi is still healthy and in loving hands, so my tears were actually selfish. Parting with Magi was a hard choice, but sometimes you have to give up the things you love for the best. Thank you for visiting and for your feedback.


  2. I have been looking around and reading your blog. I have really enjoyed my visit here. I am sorry the economy caused you to have to part with your beautiful horse. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on the cardinals. They are beautiful birds aren’t they. I am glad the ones at your place have not become cat food.


    • Thank you for your condolences. Sometimes we have to forfeit the things we truly love for their better interest. I still see Magi on occasion,but mostly ride in my dreams these days. I try to pop in on others blogs as time allows. There are so many beautiful photographs and wonderful stories, poems, etc. to be shared. While I was enjoying your cardinals, I was thinking of my mother,who also loved their beauty. So thank you for posting your lovely photos. Too, I’m glad my cardinals have not become cat food either. They know the cats lurk about and have kept their eyes opened so far. Of course, my cats are pretty well fed, so I hope they’ll leave the birds alone anyway. Thank for dropping by. I look forward to checking out more of your posts as time goes by.


  3. Now that I would love to do every morning but no horses here…only my Simba, the mountains, the dam and nature and so I make the best of it. You are so blessed. We both are. Lovely photo and Magi sure is a gorgeous boy! 🙂


    • Thank you. I’m sure if you had a horse, you would be bonded for life. Sadly, I no longer have Magi . . . except in my heart and my memories. The love I have for him will never die.


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