Sharing My Adventures; Creating Orples

In an effort to get my next book out, I’ve been trying to correlate the manuscript with my drawings for book two in the orples series of books, tweaking both as I go.  For now, let me present the exterior cover of  Book Two with my friends in blog world.  A glimpse of the inside pages  (which is subject to change) was posted on my blog a few days ago.

The cover design for my next book, The Orples Make A Tree Home.

If interested in getting more familiar with orples, please visit the ‘ Orples Overview Category’ of my blog posts.  Those posts include previews of what is happening in the world of orples, beginning with the first book.  Maybe one day, I can get with the right publisher and ‘orples’ will become a household word.  Wow! Wouldn’t that be something?.

To compare my first book with this book, I’ve posted the both covers here today.  Book one is already published and available on Amazon and through Barnes and Nobles.  I’m offering signed copies with handmade orples in limited supply on Etsy. com..  It takes about four hours to make a pair of crocheted orples (about the size of an orange . . . photo below) and so the price of the sets may seem a little high, but they will be limited  since I am making the orples myself.  I wonder how many people now wish they had a handmade Sponge Bob doll by the guy who created him, before Sponge Bob took off?  I can only imagine what that would be worth today.

Book Cover for "How Orples Came To Be"

The billboards on the covers on my first two books are a bit different, but I think that is appropriate. The first book gets the ball bouncing and introduces the orples into the world of people. My first two sequel books will use the same sign background,  after that, we’ll have to see since I’ve not yet written book four to date.  Book three of the orples series is going to be “The Orples Learn To Read”. Book three still needs quite a bit of tweaking, so I’m not sure exactly when I will be ready to publish it (soon, I hope). In the meantime, I’ve already got several ideas simmering in the background, in hopes that orples will find their place in the world of children’s literature. But alas, book two comes before book three. So I’d better be getting busy!

And by the way …

Oscar is the one with the beard.

Oliva has two leaves and sports a pink bow.


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    • Thank you so much for dropping in and sharing your views. I am hoping to re-publish my first book soon to bring the price down. I found a more reasonable publisher, so hopefully this series will take off . . . . hmmm, maybe I should have classified this one under ‘hope’ as the theme????


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