Weekly Photo Challenge . Real Hope for 2012

I swore I wasn’t going to get into Politics on my blog, but with the subject matter being “hope” and the political atmosphere being what it is, I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents.  Ron Paul has renewed my hope that we might be able to reclaim our Nation, our Constitution, and our rights, so I would like to give him the acknowledgement that he deserves.

Dr. Paul is doing pretty good, despite the fact the GOP wishes he would go away. They like Candidates on the team that will play their game and Ron Paul is not for sale.  Some people think Dr. Paul is too old to run.   He’s challenged his running mates to a 20 mile bike ride and so far, he doesn’t have any takers, so I would think age is not a problem.  Think of all of that wisdom that comes with it.

It looks like I’m not alone.  Nationwide, Dr. Paul fills the house at his speaking events.  People are hearing the message of freedom and experiencing the hope that one day we will get America back!



4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Real Hope for 2012

    • Believe me, I debated long and hard about posting a political view. However, in ‘MY’ mind,Ron Paul represents hope for the Nation. Had the challenge of the week been a different subject I would not have posted this blog.
      Thanks for dropping by and adding your view though. It is appreciated.


    • Still, politics is a touchy subject for a blog such as this. Oh, well . . . I still say Ron Paul gives me hope and that IS the subject of the week. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views.


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