Weekly Photo Challenge . HOPE


Trixy is hoping she survives her little friend.


43 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . HOPE

    • Trixy was a sweet,sweet cat. I rescued her from the local dump one Halloween years ago and never regretted bringing her home. She put up with a lot of grief from my grandson, I must admit. Animals and kids; where would we be without them? Thanks for stopping by to check out the photo.


  1. haha, good one!
    one of my cats always knew how to disappear to avoid such situations, only to reappear after all the visitors, especially the small ones, were safely outside the door once again 🙂


    • Greetings Jo,

      Trixy put up with a lot from people,I’ll give her that. She was a very affectionate and appreciate little cat. However, she wasn’t so kind to her prey, especially when she had a liter of kittens. I can still hear her growling, calling her kittens to come share some fresh varmint she’d killed for them. You’d think I never fed her cat food. She just preferred fresh meat.


    • Thanks for stopping by Natalie. Yeah, I always loved that photo. Normally, the Caption would be “Hanging around with Jacob”. However for the sake of ‘hope’, I captioned it “Help” instead. LOL.


    • Believe me Natalie, Trixy was an avid hunter. She went for it all . . . mice,snakes,lizards. You’d never know to look at her, that she was merciless to her prey. I’m sure the mice were lingering in the background ‘hoping’ Trixy wouldn’t survive Jacob.


    • Trooper Trixy. She put up with a lot. But on the flop side of that coin,she was very much loved and got lots of ear scratches and belly rubs when she was wasn’t being terrorized by a two year old. Thanks for visiting.


    • That little boy in the photo is now 10 years old, and Trixy disappeared several years ago, but she was well loved while I had her. She survived several such adventures with my grandson, but always lived to come back for more. Some animals are born with tolerance it seems. Thank you for visiting.


  2. Oh no!!! Great shot! I can only imagine what our cats endured when my sister and I were little! I am sure we carried them everywhere! My girls (cats) now enjoy a completely different life! Good luck to Trixie – sounds like she will make out just fine!


    • Greetings Anita, Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve not seen Trixie in years, she disappeared on me as cats often do when you live in the Country. She was a little trooper with my grandson, a great little Momma, and one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever owned. I found her at the dump on Halloween (thus her name) years ago and took her home with me. She was my little ‘treat’.


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