Handmade Orples

To go with my book, I decided to make some handmade orples and will be selling them on Etsy, so if you know anyone with kids that might enjoy having the characters to accompany the story, I’d love to accommodate their needs.

Orples with the book announcing their arrival

All of these little orples are handmade, so their facial expressions may vary.  Olivia has a pink crocheted ribbon and two leaves.  Oscar has one leaf as a beard to differentiate the two.

Orples and oranges in a basket.

I sometimes wonder what an original handmade “Sponge Bob” doll would be worth now, so figured in the event my book takes off,  I’d make a few sets of dolls for those that may want them as collectors items.  Although, these little characters can be machine washed and dried so they are just as suitable as toys for the wee ones.  Either way, they are original. It is my hope that once I get a few sequel books out, orples will catch on and become a household word. My next two books … “The Orples Make A Tree Home” and “The Orples Learn To Read” . . .  will probably start out as e-books formatted for Kindle readers prior to becoming print copies later. For anyone seeing potential in these little guys, here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. See you on Etsy! Just type in keyword “Orples”.  If you order a set through Etsy, your book will come directly from me, so I can dedicate it to whomever you desire to personalize your package.

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