Another Path

Another path to travel down.
Where does this one go?

Step by step, onward Ho!
Is where the answer is found.

Such is life . . .  You don’t know what lays around the corner, ’til you turn the corner.  This was a trail I used to horseback ride on from time to time.  Being out in the open, or the woods, exploring places many people never see, my thoughts roamed free.  I used to love to ride paths that I’d never been on before; wondering what is over the next hill? . . . and wondering where the future in general might lead?  Riding always gave me time to count my blessings and be thankful for all of the little things in life that people so often take for granted.   The spaciousness of the open sky and the breeze on my face set the stage for my imagination to run wild and free.   I miss those days.

"Trails of days gone by."


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