Do you believe this?

As I was scanning the headlines, lost in thoughts of what might make for an interesting blog today, I came across this article about a woman that is actually going to sue a Corpse. Maybe I’m morbid, but the article sure caught my attention, so I thought I’d share. This one ranks right up there with the mother who sued the furniture store because she tripped over her own child while shopping. Unreal!


7 responses to “Do you believe this?

    • Back in my early blogging days, I really hadn’t found my direction, but some of this stuff really is different/interesting, so I left it in the archives even though it really has nothing to do with ‘orples’.

      You are right. You can’t make this stuff up. 🙂 Thank you so much for traveling back so far in time to check this out. 😉

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        • I think I found my niche with the orples, playing with my fellow bloggers, using other people’s photos. I have plenty of my own, but the ‘orple adventures’ is fun, and I think everyone is enjoying dropping in and seeing their dressed up photos linked back to their archives. Then when they pingback and/or re-blog, I get more exposure, too. Everybody wins.

          Next week I’m going to change my blog to My son is supposed to try to help me ‘transfer’ content, and I PRAY save all of my links, so I don’t lose my followers, and the links to those I’m following. I’ll post a general announcement between now and then.

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          • Let us know if you want to play. I’ll add your name to my ‘list’. If you go to the category ‘Visiting the Neighbors’, and read through those posts, you’ll see what I’m doing. I am getting ready to post and announcement so that if I end up losing links, everyone will know what is going on and will hopefully, help connect with me at my new address, so I can pick up where this site leaves off — with no headaches (LOL). Keep your finger’s crossed. 😉

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