Food for thought

Here is an interesting article I ran across this morning. The next time you drink a Mountain Dew, think about this . . .

Can you believe that Pepsi’s argument to win their lawsuit would be that a mouse bottled in their drink would dissolve prior to consumption if left in the can long enough? I know what my New Years resolution will be this year . . . don’t drink Mountain Dew. Gross!
Of course, I’ve heard tell that if you have a stopped up washing machine due to gunk build up, you can pour a coke into it overnight, and wallah, all of that gook will be gone the next morning. I knew I should have listened to my dentist years ago when he warned me about the acids in soda, diet or not, and the effect they have on your teeth. It appears he was right, but I don’t think teeth are the only thing these acids dissolve. Not to sound preachy, but the next time you pop that soda cap, think about what you are doing to your body. I think I, for one, will revise my resolution to include deleting all sodas from my diet.


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