Doomsday Near?

Since the new year has arrived and I’ve been trying to think of subject matter that might capture interest in an audience,  I came across the following article and thought it might be interesting to share views relative to the predictions of the Mayan calendar.

Now that 2012 has arrived, did you ever stop to think of some of the things you would do different today on through 12.21.12 . . . theoretical doomsday? If you knew for a fact the world would be gone and it would all be over, would you change anything about your life? I find this to be a subject worth thought, since all of us, in fact, do face our own doomsday whether it be before or after 12.21.12.  Most of us go through life pretending otherwise and live today as though they will indeed live to a ripe old age.  Surely, planning for the future has an effect on what we do today.  BUT, if you knew it would all be over in December, would you hug your kids more today?  Would you give them more of your time?  Would you take more joy in beautiful sunrises and sunsets? Would you listen to the sounds of nature and take more moments to simply enjoy life itself? I wonder these things as I watch other people chasing wealth to plan for their futures.  I must admit, I am guilty of chasing that dollar too … money is a fact of life.  Though I wonder where the balance of making a living and living falls?  Remember the saying.  Some people work to live and others live to work?  Such fine lines we walk as we wander through life choosing our own paths.  But what if it were to end on 12.21.12?  What paths might we choose then?
If you care to share your thoughts, please feel free.
Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope the Mayans are wrong. LOL



2 responses to “Doomsday Near?

  1. This is very thought provoking. For me I have peace in my soul whenever it is time to meet my maker. Some days I want to meet Him immediately which makes living on this planet feel like eternity. I would not change a thing in my past. Not the pain, depression, fears, rejections, mistakes or of course the good stuff because they are the treasures in my treasure chest. Each is a gem. What I would do is add more in my day if possible. Today it does not feel possible but you remind me to hug my kids more and tell the people I Love that I love them. Better yet, show them through actions that I love them. I will add one of those a day. THANK YOU!


    • You are more than welcome. The older I get, the more I try to enjoy each day as it comes. One day there won’t be any days left to enjoy. And now that my grandchildren have replaced my children, I am left wondering how the years have passed so quickly. Time indeed flies and we can not ever get it back or redo what’s been done. I still think of Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics from time to time “Weaving time in a tapestry” from “Hazy Shades of Winter”. That line always stuck with me for some reason. When you stop and think about it, our lives really are tapestries of our accomplishments and a reflection of ourselves. Something else to think about (LOL).


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