Have you ever stopped to consider the power of the simple little word ‘if’? ‘If’ a different President had been elected, how might our Nation’s history have changed? ‘If’ you have children and your son had been a daughter, or your daughter a son, how might the entire course of their lives (and yours too for that matter) be changed? ‘If’ you married someone else, bought a different house, or went into a different profession, what might the impact of the differences in choices in your life have been? You get the point. The word ‘if’ goes right along with twenty-twenty hind sight sometimes. How many times have you caught yourself saying “If only I’d done this, that, or the other”? Really, these two little letters of our alphabet form a mighty big word. If you get the chance, think about it. Those ‘if’s can set the course for history. Amazing.


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