Seeds of Success

Sometimes despair and/or tragedy can plant the seed for success when you least expect it.  A lost job can lead to new avenues that might not have been taken under different circumstances.  Loss of a loved one might stir up emotions that lead to the writing of great literature in an effort to find closure.  A homeless man singing to sooth his soul might be heard by the right ears, leading to a career that might have never been. Sometimes rather than letting life get you down, it might be wise to reach inside and embrace your pain and let the emotions flow.  I honestly believe in each of us, there is an artist, a musician, a poet that is struggling to be noticed.   Look around yourselves and observe the rags to riches stories that came about due to some hardship that planted the seed of success.  Those are the stories that can be  a source of inspiration for us all.   For all of those people that have turned sorrow into success, I wish you the best.


2 responses to “Seeds of Success

  1. I totally agree with you. Sometimes certain situations happen in our lives that we truly need in order to give us that extra push. Fear hinders us and we will not fulfill our dreams as along as we are in our comfort zones. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of the nest not once but several times. Thank you for the confirmation.


  2. Thank you for your response, Ms Butler(?),

    To be honest, When I wrote the above observation, I was reflecting on various headlines I’ve read as well as to my own situation. The book I have linked to this reply was written years ago as a response to my father’s death. It began as two characters sharing feelings and trying to make sense of his death. It was so hard to find closure at the time, and like many people, writing has helped me to come to terms with my own internal conflicts. As time went on, the conversations transformed into characters and an actual story evolved which, if I do say so myself, turned out rather well. I regret that neither of my parents are alive to actually enjoy the story, especially since it is dedicated to their memory.

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