Marcy King

Marcy King

up and coming author of children’s books


3 responses to “Marcy King

  1. I like your sweatshirt. But i prefer the slogan, “Parents are not born insane, we catch it from out kids.”
    This has a much more appealing ring of truth about it.
    BTW ‘scuse me for being a bit slow, but the farm where the horses are, is this where you live? Looks absolutely stunning.


    • I wish I did live on that farm. It’s a little out of my price range. I did, however, have my horse boarded there for four wonderful years, and any posts that I do that refer to ‘the farm’, as a rule, refer to that farm. It is located in Halifax County, Virginia. You’re right, the farm is stunning! Thanks for checking it out.


      • Something to aim for when you are a best selling author, then, right? ‘course!
        Then I’ll have somewhere to bring the family when I sell a few more books too and I’m doing a US tour! 🙂


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